Saskatoon Cycles July 2022 Newsletter

Bike Valet Update

The Bike Valet has had a busy return to operations in 2022. So far, we’ve checked bikes at the Nutrien Children’s Festival, Saskatchewan Marathon, Saskatoon Pride Festival, SaskTel Jazz Fest, Canada Day, and Taste of Saskatchewan. We smashed the single day location record on July 1st at the Canada Day valet, with 486 bikes checked!

Response to the Bike Valet, back after a two year hiatus, has been glowing, with one user saying: “I wish the whole world had this everywhere, it would be so handy.”

We continue to be humbled by and appreciative of all of our amazing volunteers who have contributed hundreds of hours so far. Thank you all so much.

We’ll still have some great opportunities for you to help out with the free bike parking:

We’ll have volunteer sign up links available soon; please watch our social media channels for updates, or contact the Bike Valet Coordinator directly via email –

Slow Roll – August 20, 2022 – The Good, Bad, and Ugly Tour

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, Murray Gross of Jane’s Walk Saskatoon will be guiding a slow roll that will showcase different aspects of cycling infrastructure around Saskatoon. He’ll point out some of the “good, bad, and ugly” features of city design, and where applicable, suggest potential improvements.

Join us on this educational and practical tour. It will start and finish at the Wolf Willow complex at 530 Avenue J South, beginning at 2PM.

Murray will be supplying some cold beverages on the patio for a post-ride debrief, but please bring your own hydration for the tour.

For information on more upcoming slow rolls, please click here.

1st Annual Poker Chipmunk Rally – August 27, 2022

Save this date!

We’re putting the “fun” in fundraiser with the Poker Chipmunk Rally on Saturday, August 27th, 2022.

What is the Poker Chipmunk Rally, you ask? Great question. Quick answer? It’s a short cycling tour wherein you collect different coloured chips that are worth points, and the rider with the most points at the end wins! It’s open to all ages, speed will NOT be a factor, and luck will play a much bigger role than skill!

It is more nuanced than this, but the key elements are fun and activity! Find out more and register on our 2022 Poker Chipmunk Rally page!

Saskatoon Cyclists’ Spotlight

In an effort to get to know and celebrate YOU, the bicycle riders of Saskatoon, we’ve launched the Saskatoon Cyclists’ Spotlight page. We want to hear about you and share your story and pics with the rest of YXE.

Please visit our form and answer a few questions and post a photo or two of you and your ride. Let’s show off our diverse cycling community and its tremendous enthusiasm!

Report a Traffic Issue

Do you notice problems with infrastructure when you’re out cycling? Perhaps a crosswalk marking isn’t lined up with a sidewalk ramp, there’s a missing section of a path, or weather or neglect has created a dangerous lane or roadway? Maybe you just have a suggestion for where improvements could be made to a given route?

There’s an app for that!

The City of Saskatoon has an interactive “Report a Traffic Issue” map that you can use to pinpoint areas of concern. There is a specific “Cycling Safety” option under the potential issues to report, and you can upload a photo to illustrate what could or should be addressed.

We know from experience that apps aren’t a “magic” button that will solve infrastructure issues with the flick of a wand, but improvements can only move forward with steady, consistent communication. We encourage you to utilize this tool and also let us know whenever you spot something that needs attention.

Cool News: DTNYXE Hotel Rental Bikes

Did you know that DTNYXE offers FREE bike rentals to guests of the downtown Saskatoon hotels?

The popular program launched in the spring of 2017, when DTNYXE provided two bikes to each hotel, along with helmets, pumps, locks, and an informational brochure. It’s since expanded to include the Alt Hotel on River Landing.

This offers guests the chance to explore (for free) the Meewasin Trail, downtown businesses, and other attractions with the freedom of a bicycle! If you friends or family visiting, be sure to remind them of this feature of the downtown hotels. They’ll probably have a much richer experience of the city.

You can read more from DTNYXE here.

Active Transportation Advisory Group (ATAG) Update

A big part of Saskatoon Cycles’ work is advocating for better cycling infrastructure in Saskatoon. As our mission statement says, we yearn for “a Saskatoon where cycling is a viable, year-round mode of transportation that is safe, convenient, and comfortable for all ages, confidence levels and abilities.”

One important avenue of advocacy comes in the form of the City of Saskatoon’s Active Transportation Advisory Group (ATAG). The ATAG, as defined by the City “provides advice and feedback to the City of Saskatoon Transportation Department on active transportation policies, programs, education and awareness initiatives. The ATAG represents the perspectives of active transportation users, residents, partners and stakeholders in Saskatoon and is made up of organizational representatives, community representatives and City of Saskatoon representatives, including one representative from Saskatoon Cycles and one community representative for cycling specifically.

The group recently relaunched after a few years’ hiatus with a new Terms of Reference and new membership. The ATAG will be meeting regularly going forward.”

Merlin Toth, board member and advocacy chair for Saskatoon Cycles, has years of experience working with municipal administrations on design and implementation of active transportation routes and networks, and he now sits with the ATAG. He’s excited to be involved, saying “along with representatives from many other Active Transportation organizations, I can play a part in developing policy within the City of Saskatoon and help to advocate for safe and efficient all season Active Transportation in our wonderful city.”

This kind of work can be slow because it is collaborative and deliberative, but it builds not only better infrastructure, but relationships and understanding.

We’ll continue to work toward a more bike-friendly Saskatoon, and will provide updates from the ATAG and other avenues as they develop. In the meantime, you can learn more at the City of Saskatoon’s ATAG page.

New YouTube Videos

We continue to add more content to our YouTube channel. One video at a time, we hope to showcase and develop the cycling culture in Saskatoon.

Check out the latest clips, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our channel and ask others to do so as well. We’re very close to having enough subscribers to get our real name on our channel!


Our work relies heavily on financial donations from enthusiastic bike riders who want to see the cycling infrastructure and culture in Saskatoon continue to bloom and grow. Our programs make an important impact on the quality of life in Saskatoon.

Please support our efforts with your donations or with your time as a volunteer. 

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