Cathy Watts – Co-Chairperson

“Rewired” physiotherapist who is interested in a safe cycling infrastructure in Saskatoon for my grandchildren and other vulnerable cyclists in a city that has the potential to be the best year round cycling city in the world! My bike is an agent of social change. I love travels near and far cycling with my husband. The Trans Canada Trail is my passion for connecting Canadians by active transportation.

Brodie Thompson

Brodie is a Professional Engineer with a background in infrastructure management and project management. He was born and raised in southwest Saskatchewan and has lived in Saskatoon since arriving here for university in 2001.

Brodie is a year-round cycle commuter and believes that Saskatoon needs to fully embrace the two wheeled contraption. He is a strong believer that active transportation and a robust public transit system need to be the focus for the City of Saskatoon and its citizens as our city continues to grow. He believes we need a city designed for people, not for cars. Brodie is interested in advocating for better cycling infrastructure in Saskatoon, influencing the legislation and policies that impact cyclists through engagement with local politicians and civic administration, and working to smash the car culture paradigm.

In the summer, Brodie enjoys paddling the waters of northern Saskatchewan with his spouse, Mel, in their big yellow canoe.

Ingrid Larson

Ingrid has a passion for city cycling and would like to see Saskatoon become a model for safe commuter cycling for mid-size western Canadian cities. She has been active in Saskatoon Cycles since its early days when members met at the Mendel Art Gallery. She has participated on the Outreach Committee, organized members meetings and volunteers at the Bike Valet. She has a professional background in communications and member relations and is pleased to contribute her time and energy to making Saskatoon an even better place to ride a bike for all ages and skill levels.

Jerome Nicol

A lifelong bike rider from an early age growing up in Vancouver in the late-60s & ‘70s – as the bike was always the best way to get around the city. This enjoyment of cycling continued through stops in Waterloo, Victoria, back to Vancouver in the ‘90s, and Saskatoon since 2002. I have been a keen year around cyclist for almost 10 years – embracing winter cycling in 2008. Favourite rides include the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Stanley Park Sea Wall in Vancouver, Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, St. Jacobs Farmers Market near Waterloo, the MVA Trail in Saskatoon, and cycling in rural India. I enjoy cycling in Saskatoon – it is easy to get around, not too busy and lots of nice days. I would encourage more people to try it – great way to get to the all of the great local festivals, galleries, shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs in the city. More bike racks would be appreciated!

Baxter Kuwala

John Dosman

Erin Edwards

James Arnold