Board Members 2021-2022

James Arnold

I’m a doctoral psychologist in a clinical-community group practice, so in my days, I mostly see patients.  The community part of this means I’m interested in things that make people feel good, which bring happiness. This includes being active and outside.  I’m a bicycle commuter, not really riding for recreation, unless we have travelled somewhere.  About 20 years ago I noticed that I was finding it increasingly stressful getting from place to place in Saskatoon, so I started focussing on what made the journey or trip more or less enjoyable.  This meant, for me, not driving in spring, summer, and fall.  About 5 years after that, I bought studded tires and started riding in winter too.  It’s one of those happy parts of my day: in all weather, to ride home, and decompress. 

Johanna Bergerman

I come by my interest in biking through my family roots in the Netherlands. My first remembered experience as a child was riding on the child seat in-between my father and the handlebars of his bike. My immersion in that biking culture has made me open to the potential for doing things differently here in Saskatoon. My work with Health Promotion Department has also made me aware of the need for promoting opportunities for active lifestyle and the need for advocacy efforts to bring about that change. I valued the opportunity to learn winter biking from Cathy Watts, and owe her a debt of gratitude.

John Dosman

I’m a family physician at the Saskatoon Community Clinic. I practice the full scope of general family medicine with a special focus in obstetrics and paediatric care as well as addictions medicine. I believe strongly in cycling as a means of addressing a lot of health and environmental issues in our world. I get a lot out of being with like-minded people fighting the good fight together. It’s far better for ones’ mental health than ranting at things by oneself! I’m most proud of the advocacy work we’ve done in increasing awareness in the city that cycling is something regular people do daily to get to school, work, and to do their daily errands. We’re helping normalize cycling as something regular people do to get around.

Erin Edwards (co-chair)

I love all forms of biking from road biking to fat bikes. I am a member of the Pedal Wenches road biking group and the Fatlanders Fat Tire Brigade. One of my favorite activities is riding the amazing network of singletrack trails Saskatoon has along the river. With a fat bike you can even do this in the winter! My passion for cycling started at a young age with mountain biking in Kananaskis on camping trips to bike hikes with the Girl Guides. I am a year round cycle commuter, embracing winter cycling in 2017. I’m excited for the future of cycling in Saskatoon.

Gordon Holtslander

I am a retired Communications and IT professional who loves living in Saskatoon. My wife and I are recreational cyclists. I mostly bike because it’s so much easier to get around. While I have biked year-round in times past, sadly the last several years I haven’t felt safe enough on Saskatoon City streets to continue. I’ve been involved with Saskatoon Cycles since the early days of the organization as both a board member off and on, but always as the SC tech guy. I would really like to see well-integrated bike lanes in the city core reaching out along strategic roads to the suburbs so that everyone in the city would find cycling safer and encourage cyclists of all ages and abilities to ride their bicycles regularly.

Dominic McKeith

I work in IT and spend much of my workdays in an office building with a stack of laptops beside me and a dark room behind me filled with blinking lights. Commuting by bike is a great way for me to look forward to the day and gives me the energy to keep those lights blinking green. I started cycling in 2018 as an easier way to play Pokémon Go over driving, and I soon started cycling to work once I realized that you could actually get places on a bike. I had always just assumed that a car was the only way to get around. Fast forward three years to today, and I hardly drive anymore and use my bike for nearly all transportation needs. I have realized that a bike is a simple solution to many problems we face today. By cycling, I am in better physical shape, better mental state, I am contributing less to climate change, I am saving myself money, and I am simply enjoying myself more! The more people that get on a bike, the better.

Amber McTaggart (secretary)

I work as an administrator in Saskatoon. I’ve lived in Saskatoon for 14 years, moving here from the mountains, where I spent most of my childhood years biking around town and briefly trying mountain biking, and quickly realizing the rush is not for me. While I wouldn’t consider myself an avid cyclist, I do consider myself a prospective cyclist. I want to feel comfortable and able to commute safely to and from work and also enjoy recreational biking. I would like to be involved in turning Saskatoon into more of a bike friendly city, so that I and others can enjoy it to its fullest. I am a firm believer in exercise as contributor to mental wellbeing and making it more accessible to everyone.

Merlin Toth

I have lived in Saskatoon since 2012 and recently retired from the Security and Surveillance industry. Prior to coming to Saskatoon I lived in Yorkton where I started the Sunrise Cycling club and as it’s president, sat on the Yorkton Active Transportation Collaborative where we worked on designing and implementing a network of active transportation routes in the city. Since moving to Saskatoon I have been involved in the cycling community, holding memberships in up to six cycling clubs or organizations. I was Vice President of Horizon 100 Cycling Club for 1 year, President for 2 years and Statistician for two years. My wife Lynne and live in Saskatoon’s Exhibition Neighbourhood which we love because it gives us easy cycling and walking access to the Meewasin Trail network, Riversdale, the Broadway area and Downtown, we would much rather use our bikes for errands to any of these areas instead of searching for parking spots. For holidays we enjoy loading up our bikes, heading out from Saskatoon and bikepacking the backroads of Saskatchewan, linking some of our many great Provincial and Regional Parks on trips of up to two weeks. We do own a car but most years we put far more kilometres on our bikes than we do on our poor neglected vehicle. : )

I am excited to serve with Saskatoon Cycles and help to advocate for safe and efficient all season cycling in our wonderful city.