Friends of Cycling

Cyclists are a boon to local business. Consider the evidence…

  • Studies on consumer spending by mode of transportation have all reached the same conclusion: People on bikes spend more money. In some cases, people on bikes spent the same per trip as people in cars, but in all cases people on bikes spent more overall in long-term spending because they make more trips.*
  • People on bikes shop more often: A study in Muenster, Germany found that people on bikes shop more regularly than people on cars – 11 times per month compared to 7 times for motorists, thereby increasing their exposure to temptation on every trip.*
  • People on bikes make more unplanned stops: While pedestrians are the most likely to make spontaneous stops, people on bikes also ride slowly enough to notice businesses, and bike parking is easier than finding a spot for your car.*
  • People who ride have more disposable income, because they spend less on car insurance, maintenance, parking, and fuel.*

Saskatoon Cycles launched its “Friends of Cycling” in early 2020, to recognize local retailers who support our mission to make this city a better, safer place for all riders.

If you’re a consumer, be sure to shop at stores proudly displaying the Friends of Cycling decal in their front window.

If you run a business that supports our efforts to make cycling a viable, year-round mode of transportation for all ages, please contact us to find out how you too can become a “Friend of Cycling.” (

* Why Businesses Want Bike Riding Customers,, July 2015