Thank you very much for donating to Saskatoon Cycles!

Saskatoon Cycles is looking forward to a busy 2024 of being your voice in the city calling for all things cycling.

We need your financial support to give us the resources to advocate on behalf of all Saskatoon citizens to be “the prairie city that gets it right.”

Your generous financial gift gives us resources to:

  • Advocate for cycling infrastructure by amplifying our collective voice
    Your support helps us build and maintain a membership network that includes people like you who want cycling matters taken seriously. By gathering the energy of many and speaking as one, we are able to ensure that our voice is heard at City Hall and in City Councilor’s offices.
  • Collect and disseminate cycling data.
    We are pushing initiatives to provide some of that missing data through the use of new tools like and  
  • Provide support for community actions
    It might be a ride to promote cycling safety, a fundraising initiative for a local charity, or a city-wide celebration of year-round cycling; Saskatoon Cycles brings its expertise and membership base to the project. 

Your generosity has a significant impact on creating positive cycling changes here in Saskatoon.

We are excited to be your voice in 2024!

Thank you for your generous donation!

Saskatoon Cycles is a registered non-profit organization, not a charity. We aren’t able to give you a charitable receipt. However, with your help  and financial support we will give you a Saskatoon where Cycling is a viable, year-round, mode of transportation that can be safe and convenient for all ages and abilities.