On Saturday, August 27th, 2022 we hope you’ll join us for the First Annual Saskatoon Cycles Poker Chipmunk Rally!

The Rally is a cycling fundraising event that will take riders around a 10km (or less) route along the Meewasin Valley Trail, collecting poker chips as they go, with a final draw at the finish that will determine a winner based on points. The ride is designed for fun, non-competitive cycling for ALL ages.

Here’s how it works:


  • Play cards are $10 each. Each rider may play as many cards as they wish to purchase.
  • At each stop, players will draw three (3) chips and record the information on their play card, which will be initialled by a stop volunteer. There are no re-draws; players will record the first three chips drawn. 
    • If a player has multiple play cards, return the chips to the draw bag and draw three new chips. Repeat for as many cards as the player has purchased.  
  • Bonus Chips:
    • At each stop, players have the option of paying $2 for an attempt to earn a bonus chip by playing a short game.
    • Players can earn up to three bonus chips per card. Only one bonus chip may be won per card per stop. 
    • If you do not win a bonus chip, you may pay an additional $2 to play again. Repeat as desired.
    • If you are playing multiple cards, you must pay per card for each bonus chip attempt. You do not have to add the bonus chips to all your cards. 
  • Chipmunk bonus: A photo of a chipmunk taken during the ride wins one bonus chip added to one card. This does not count towards the three Bonus Chips mentioned above.
  • Non-players are welcome to ride the route without paying. 


Event begins and ends at the Archibald Arena (F) (1410 Windsor Street). 

After registration, you will draw and record your first 3 chips. Have a volunteer initial your record. Departures will begin at 1 pm. 

Proceed to the Meewasin Trail and cross the north Circle Drive Bridge. After the bridge, watch for the second draw spot (B).

Optional: Pay $2 per three lawn darts. You can earn ONE extra chip if any of your darts land in the target hoop. 

Proceed to the third draw spot ( C ), the Sculpture Gardens.
Optional: Pay $2 for three bean bags. If you hit the target with any bean bag, you can draw ONE extra chip. 

Route length option: If you would like a shorter ride, cross the University Bridge. If you would like a longer route, cross the Traffic (Victoria) Bridge. All participants will draw at 5 stations; if you take the short route you will draw back at Archibald Arena when you finish. 

If you take the longer route, the fourth draw spot (D) will be near the Meewasin Office after you cross the Traffic Bridge. There is no bonus game at this stop. 

The fifth draw spot (E) will be on the south lawn of the Wonderhub.
Optional: Pay $2 for 3 ladder golf tosses. If any throws stick to any ladder rung, you can draw ONE extra chip.

Continue back to the Archibald Arena (F). If you took the shorter route, you will complete your last draw here. There is no penalty for taking the shorter route.

Add up how many chips of each color you have collected.

After everyone has returned or at the finish time (2:30 pm),  a non-player will draw from a bag containing one of each color chip. This will assign points: The first chip drawn is worth 20 points, the second chip is worth 10 points and the third chip is worth 5 points. This means that no one knows if they won until the end, and also that someone that purchased no bonus chips could win. Calculate your points and the highest score wins 50% of the pot. 

Money collected to earn bonus chips will not be included in the prize money.

Download the Rules and Route document.

Are you up for the challenge? The fun?

Register here to guarantee your spot!