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Saskatoon Cycles members are recreational, commuting, utility and sport cyclists, pedestrians and motorists – anyone who agrees Saskatoon would be a better place if we had better bikeways. Become a member by filling out the form below. One benefit of membership is our monthly email newsletter.

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Our Vision

A Saskatoon in in which cycling is a viable, year-round, mode of transportation that is safe and convenient for all ages.

  • A safe cycling network is present throughout the city connecting every neighbourhood to key destinations
  • Residents of all ages feel safe and welcome to cycle year-round
  • Mutual respect and tolerance exists for all modes of transportation
  • Cycling is incorporated into all aspects of the city planning process
  • There is a balanced approach to all transportation modes through policy and the allocation of financial and human resources
  • A safe and convenient cycling network increases the efficiency of all modes of transportation
  • A strong cycling culture fosters a healthy, economically vibrant, and creative city
  • The practical and stylish cyclist co-exist

Our Priority

Infrastructure – Establishing a connected cycling network within neighbourhoods and among neighbourhoods throughout Saskatoon. Depending on the street, solutions might include:

  • the establishment of bike boulevards,
  • physically separated lanes,
  • measures to remind drivers to look out for cyclists,
  • cycling specific signage,
  • and many, many more!


Our Mission, Vision and Priorities are just above. Please review our Vision and make sure you agree.

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One benefit of membership is you receive our monthly email newsletter.

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