About Saskatoon Cycles

Comfortable cycling for everyone of all ages and abilities!

Who we are

We are a non-profit, volunteer corporation that advocates for a city in which cycling is a viable, year-round mode of transportation that is safe and convenient for all ages. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and have one part-time employee. Standing and ad-hoc committees oversee our different programs and initiatives. 

Our vision

A Saskatoon in which cycling is a viable, year-round, mode of transportation that is safe and convenient for all ages.

  • A safe cycling network is present throughout the city connecting every neighbourhood to key destinations
  • Residents of all ages feel safe and welcome to cycle year-round
  • Mutual respect and tolerance exists for all modes of transportation
  • Cycling is incorporated into all aspects of the city planning process
  • There is a balanced approach to all transportation modes through policy and the allocation of financial and human resources
  • A safe and convenient cycling network increases the efficiency of all modes of transportation
  • A strong cycling culture fosters a healthy, economically vibrant, and creative city
  • The practical and stylish cyclist co-exist

Our Priority

Infrastructure – Establishing a connected cycling network within neighbourhoods and among neighbourhoods throughout Saskatoon. Depending on the street solutions might include the establishment of bike boulevards, physically separated lanes, measures to remind drivers to look out for cyclists, cycling specific signage, and many, many more…

How we’re making cycling safer and more accessible in Saskatoon

  • We advocated for the City of Saskatoon to develop an Active Transportation Plan to make cycling — and walking — safe for everyone. The City now has a plan in place, which incorporates input we provided about preferred cycling — and walking — routes. 
  • We gathered support and petitioned for the City of Saskatoon to test dedicated bike lanes in the downtown core. 
  • We provided a detailed submission to the City of Saskatoon that served as the foundation for the new cycling bylaws currently before City Council (Fall 2019).
  • We run the Bike Valet service at festivals and other special events during the summer, to provide all cyclists with safe parking for their bikes.
  • We are encouraging cyclists to document their run-ins with drivers, infrastructure hazards, and thefts using BikeMaps, to identify safety hotspots in Saskatoon. 
  • We have raised awareness about what’s possible in making cycling safer and more accessible by hosting educational sessions and special events such as Ice Cycle.
  • We have supported researchers working in the fields of public health and urban planning, by connecting them with our members, helping them define topics for their research, and hosting forums for them to share their findings.

How we’re funded

We rely on our members’ donations of time and money, and the small amount we make each year from our Bike Valet service. From time to time we receive donations from local partners such as the Bike Doctor and EcoFriendly Sask, for which we are grateful. In the past, we got financial support from the City of Saskatoon to run specific activities such as Bike to Work Day. We apply for other corporate and foundation grants for other activities. We do not receive any provincial funding.

Our top priorities

We want to see a connected cycling network established in Saskatoon, within and among neighborhoods throughout the city. We also want to support other groups — such as schools and seniors organizations — that are working to increase the number of people of all ages who choose active transportation.

Challenges we face in making cycling safer and more accessible

Our biggest challenge is building empathy for people who do not own or use a car or choose an active transportation lifestyle and are reliant on a bike, bus, or walking for their transportation needs. Their safety must be valued. We need to engage the larger community in this conversation.

How we got started

In 2010, a small group of avid cyclists was meeting monthly at the Mendel Art Gallery to discuss how to make Saskatoon a more bike-friendly community. On October 26, 2010, they established a non-profit, membership corporation called Saskatoon Cycles.

We are a member of Canada Bikes, a national advocacy group whose mission is to encourage Canadian residents and visitors of all ages to cycle more often for transportation, recreation and touring by making cycling attractive, safe, accessible and convenient across the country. You can read more about Canada Bikes, here: https://www.canadabikes.org/

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