! Action Alert !

Make your voice heard on matters that impact cycling citizens of Saskatoon!

We need your help to make Saskatoon streets safer for cyclists! Policies are making their way through City Hall, and to make them a reality we want you to join our assertive collective voice by writing a letter to Saskatoon elected officials! 

IMPORTANT: Letters and/or requests to speak for this Action Alert must be submitted before 5PM Monday, May 27, 2024!!!

Saskatoon Cycles supports any motion that takes key steps toward creating an Active Transportation network of safer, continuous, and connected active transportation routes, free of gaps and danger zones, maintained appropriately, linking common Saskatoon destinations.

On May 7, 2024, the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation voted to approve and move forward to council two important infrastructure items. Saskatoon City Council will now consider and vote on these motions on May 29, 2024:

Saskatoon Cycles is encouraging council to vote for both recommendations.

We want to send a clear message: cycling safety and improved mobility options are important, and council needs to take it seriously! To do that, we need your letter or speech of support to Saskatoon City Council. We have provided a sample letter below.

A: Write a letter in support of this item

It’s very important for council to see that the community cares about these issues enough to take the time to voice concerns. Get your thoughts on the record with a letter that states why you support the proposal.

There is a sample letter below if you are pressed for time, but anything original and personal you can add has more impact.

B: Speak at the council meeting

Council likes to hear directly from thoughtful citizens, as it provides them an opportunity to follow up and ask questions in a more personal way. If you have the passion and time to be present in chambers, add your name to the speakers list! You can also speak to council without being present in council chambers using Microsoft Teams.

There is strength in numbers. Thank you for getting involved and pitching in to make your city a better place to live. 

Your letter and/or request to speak must be submitted before 5PM Monday, May 27, 2024

  1. Go to: www.saskatoon.ca/submit-letterrequest-speak-council-and-committees
  2. Enter your information
  3. At “What do you want to do?” drop down menu, choose “Submit Comments” or “Request to Speak
  4. For “What meeting do you wish to speak/submit comments?” write (or copy/paste): “REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING OF CITY COUNCIL, Wednesday, May 29, 2024
  5. For “What agenda item do you wish to comment on?” write (or copy/paste): “8.2.1 – Connecting 2nd Avenue/3rd Avenue and 8.2.2 – Opportunities for Rapid Deployment
  6. Enter your comments.
    You can copy and paste our sample letter below, add to it, modify it, or write an entirely original message in your own words. We advise as much personalization as you can offer.
  7. Click the “Submit” button.

Sample letter:

To City Council,

I feel that great cities are places that invite all citizens to move safely from neighborhood to neighborhood regardless of their mode of transportation. Every step that the City of Saskatoon can make toward expanding a baseline network of safer routes, where people can get around in a safer manner, is a good step.

Before you are two items of business that I believe represent these kinds of good steps.

Regarding item:

Connecting 2nd Avenue/3rd Avenue: Walking, Cycling, and Driving Improvements, I support Option 2A – Widen to the West.

I feel that pedestrian actuated signals and a separated shared-use path are great features that will enhance this area of the city and make it much safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Regarding item:

Opportunities for Rapid Deployment of Safety Improvements on Active Transportation Route, I support Option 2: Implement a Neighbourhood Bikeway using Rapid Deployment on Route 6.

I believe a bikeway along Route 6 (Munroe Avenue) would offer more access to campus for  active transportation users with a wider range of abilities and theoretically could reduce University traffic congestion in general, and at College and Wiggins in particular. 

I urge you to support these items and help make Saskatoon a bit safer for all road users.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mayor Charlie Clark
Click on this link to send a message to the mayor

Ward 1 – Darren Hill
email: darren.hill@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3671
neighbourhoods: Forest Grove, Sutherland, Sutherland Industrial, U of S Lands – South Management Area, Richmond Heights, North Park, City Park, Central Industrial, Kelsey/Woodlawn, Mayfair and Hudson Bay Park.

Ward 2 – Hilary Gough
email: hilary.gough@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3672
neighbourhoods: Westmount, Caswell Hill, Riversdale, Pleasant Hill, West Industrial, Meadowgreen, Agpro Industrial, Montgomery, CN Yards Management Area, SW Industrial, SaskPower Management Area, Gordie Howe Management Area, Holiday Park and King George.

Ward 3 – David Kirton
email: david.kirton@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3673
neighbourhoods: Fairhaven, Confederation SC, Parkridge, Blairmore SC, SW Development Area, Pacific Heights, Kensington, Blairmore Development Area and Confederation Park.

Ward 4 – Troy Davies
email: troy.davies@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3674
neighbourhoods: Mount Royal, Massey Place, Dundonald, Westview, Hampton Village and Elk Point.

Ward 5 – Randy Donauer
email: randy.donauer@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3675
neighbourhoods: River Heights, Lawson Heights SC, North Industrial, Airport Business Area, Marquis Industrial, North Development Area, Hudson Bay Industrial, Lawson Heights and Silverwood Heights.

Ward 6 – Cynthia Block
email: cynthia.block@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3676
neighbourhoods: Central Business District, Nutana, Varsity View, Grosvenor Park, Holliston, Haultain and Buena Vista.

Ward 7 – Mairin Loewen
email: mairin.loewen@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3677
neighbourhoods: Queen Elizabeth, Exhibition, Avalon, CN Industrial, South Development Area, The Willows, Stonebridge, Adelaide/Churchill, Nutana Park and Eastview.

Ward 8 – Sarina Gersher
email: sarina.gersher@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3678
neighbourhoods: Brevoort Park, East College Park, Greystone Heights, College Park, Brighton, Holmwood, Briarwood and Hillcrest Management Area.

Ward 9 – Bev Dubois
email: bev.dubois@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3679
neighbourhoods: Nutana SC, Wildwood, Lakeview, Lakeridge, Lakewood SC and Rosewood.

Ward 10 – Zach Jeffries
email: zach.jeffries@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3680
neighbourhoods: Arbor Creek, Erindale, University Heights SC, University Heights Development Area, Silverspring, U of S Lands – North Management Area, Evergreen, Aspen Ridge and Willowgrove.