Try something new.

Pedal Express is Saskatoon’s only non-profit delivery service by bicycle. We connect casual cycling contractors to enlisted local shops to deliver non-perishable items at no charge to the customer or business.

We’re driven to do things differently.

Climate change is changing the way we look at the “last mile” delivery of goods. The convenience of receiving products at your door usually comes with costs: increased carbon emissions, traffic congestion, and noise in the community. What if we could reduce these impacts, even a bit, with local cyclists doing the transportation?

Pedal Express has teamed up with select local businesses and cyclists to do exactly that. Together, we make the delivery process as low carbon as possible, and thanks to our primary partner, The Better Good, all the delivery costs are free.

We can’t deliver everything, everywhere, right now, but doing things a little “outside the box” is where we’re starting, and we hope you’ll give Pedal Express a try*.

These local businesses are currently offering Pedal Express as a delivery option:

*Orders must be small enough to fit in an average-sized backpack. Delivery area restricted to within Circle Drive. Further conditions may apply to deliveries. Each business will use their discretion in trying to fulfill requests for Pedal Express delivery, while also ensuring product safety and integrity.

If you have any questions please drop us a note at

If you’re a business, join us!

If you’re an aspiring bike courier, join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pedal Express is a delivery service that uses bicycles as its only transportation method. Local businesses sign up with Pedal Express and offer our free, low emission service as a delivery option. Pedal Express delivers packages that can fit in an average backpack from enlisted businesses to Saskatoon addresses within Circle Drive.

Pedal Express started as a pilot project called ZenZED (Zen Zero Emission Delivery) in April 2022. When the program became permanent the name was changed to improve clarity and brand awareness.

Saskatoon Cycles’ Pedal Express committee handles day to day delivery and administration operations. The Better Good, our primary Pedal Express benefactor, generously pays for ALL courier costs.

As climate change forces us to rethink the way we look at the convenience of receiving products at our door, Pedal Express offers a compelling alternative to the standard fossil-fuel approach.

Our delivery service is powered by humans using the most efficient transportation device ever invented: the bicycle. Our “last mile” courier method produces hardly any carbon emissions, noise, or traffic congestion. It is as “clean and green” as delivery can get. 

It’s also free.

Anyone sixteen (16) years of age or older with proper equipment (bike, helmet, bell, etc.) in good working order can apply to be a courier.

You would:

  • be a private contractor 
  • bike safely, courteously, and legally
  • deliver packages you claim within three hours
  • take responsibility for packages in your possession
  • provide reliable, friendly service to customers

You would not:

  • ever be required to claim a delivery
  • be expected to deliver in unsafe conditions

Couriers are offered $4.00 per delivery. This can be kept as a “thank you” payment or declined and returned as a donation to Saskatoon Cycles.

Pedal Express is NOT a living wage employment opportunity, but rather a simple way to incorporate your existing cycling into a movement to help reduce the social and environmental costs of traditional delivery.

Any business within Circle Drive, offering non-perishable products that can fit in a backpack, can sign up with Pedal Express.

You would:

  • provide a user-friendly ecommerce option indicating Pedal Express services
  • ensure packages are deliverable as per Pedal Express guidelines (size, location, etc.)
  • package items securely for delivery
  • enter and submit delivery information


Pedal Express offers your business the opportunity to display a commitment to a more future-forward, energy efficient, community-minded way of delivering goods, and aligns your brand with concepts of green, clean, and fun.

Pedal Express is an additional delivery method choice for your customer, and as climate change and its effects continue to impact us all, more and more consumers are happy to have lower-guilt options to choose from.

It’s also free for the business and the customer.