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Ward 1 – Darren Hill
email: darren.hill@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3671
neighbourhoods: Forest Grove, Sutherland, Sutherland Industrial, U of S Lands – South Management Area, Richmond Heights, North Park, City Park, Central Industrial, Kelsey/Woodlawn, Mayfair and Hudson Bay Park.

Ward 2 – Hilary Gough
email: hilary.gough@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3672
neighbourhoods: Westmount, Caswell Hill, Riversdale, Pleasant Hill, West Industrial, Meadowgreen, Agpro Industrial, Montgomery, CN Yards Management Area, SW Industrial, SaskPower Management Area, Gordie Howe Management Area, Holiday Park and King George.

Ward 3 – David Kirton
email: david.kirton@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3673
neighbourhoods: Fairhaven, Confederation SC, Parkridge, Blairmore SC, SW Development Area, Pacific Heights, Kensington, Blairmore Development Area and Confederation Park.

Ward 4 – Troy Davies
email: troy.davies@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3674
neighbourhoods: Mount Royal, Massey Place, Dundonald, Westview, Hampton Village and Elk Point.

Ward 5 – Randy Donauer
email: randy.donauer@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3675
neighbourhoods: River Heights, Lawson Heights SC, North Industrial, Airport Business Area, Marquis Industrial, North Development Area, Hudson Bay Industrial, Lawson Heights and Silverwood Heights.

Ward 6 – Cynthia Block
email: cynthia.block@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3676
neighbourhoods: Central Business District, Nutana, Varsity View, Grosvenor Park, Holliston, Haultain and Buena Vista.

Ward 7 – Mairin Loewen
email: mairin.loewen@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3677
neighbourhoods: Queen Elizabeth, Exhibition, Avalon, CN Industrial, South Development Area, The Willows, Stonebridge, Adelaide/Churchill, Nutana Park and Eastview.

Ward 8 – Sarina Gersher
email: sarina.gersher@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3678
neighbourhoods: Brevoort Park, East College Park, Greystone Heights, College Park, Brighton, Holmwood, Briarwood and Hillcrest Management Area.

Ward 9 – Bev Dubois
email: bev.dubois@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3679
neighbourhoods: Nutana SC, Wildwood, Lakeview, Lakeridge, Lakewood SC and Rosewood.

Ward 10 – Zach Jeffries
email: zach.jeffries@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 975-3680
neighbourhoods: Arbor Creek, Erindale, University Heights SC, University Heights Development Area, Silverspring, U of S Lands – North Management Area, Evergreen, Aspen Ridge and Willowgrove.