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! Action Alert !

Make your voice heard on matters that impact cycling citizens of Saskatoon!

We want to send a clear message: cycling safety and improved mobility options are important, and council needs to take it seriously! To do that, we need your letter or speech of support to Saskatoon City Council.

On May 7, 2024, the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation voted to approve and move forward to council two important infrastructure items. Saskatoon City Council will now consider and vote on these motions on May 29, 2024:

Saskatoon Cycles is encouraging council to vote for both recommendations.

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SAFE, Comfortable, cycling for everyone of all ages and abilities!

At Saskatoon Cycles – We Believe!

Cycling is a viable, year-round, mode of transportation that can be safe and convenient for all ages and abilities.

Our mission is to advocate for a city where year-round cycling IS ACTUALLY safe and convenient for people of ALL ages.

Study after study has shown that purposeful, well implemented, bike lanes benefit all users of our streets – those who choose to cycle, walk, OR DRIVE!