Saskatoon Cycles December 2021 Newsletter

Happy Ending of 2021!

by Kira Judge, co-chair, Saskatoon Cycles

It is always meaningful to reflect on the previous year by celebrating the growth and learning one has experienced. Saskatoon Cycles has so much to be grateful for in 2021, despite the challenges of the pandemic and climate change realities we all faced as Earthlings. These two issues continue to unite the whole planet to look for solutions and listen to those who have usually not had a space or voice to be heard. Only through challenges do we find the strength and wisdom we already have within us.

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Saskatoon Cycles Alumni: Sean Shaw

Saskatoon Cycles has been advocating for a more cycle-friendly city since 2010, and over the years a number of wonderful people have graced the organization with their time, skill, and passion. We’ll be featuring some of these builders in an ongoing series, starting with Sean Shaw, Saskatoon Cycles’ first elected chair. He currently resides in Victoria, BC and works for the Provincial Government.

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Getting to know the Saskatoon Cycles board of directors: Merlin Toth

At our AGM on November 3rd, 2021 three people joined our Board. We’ve already introduced you to Gordon Holtslander, past board member and IT genius, and next up is Merlin Toth, a passionate cyclist and retired professional in the security and surveillance industry.

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Say hello to our newest Friends of Cycling member: Bike Universe

Since 1999, Bike Universe has been helping make Saskatoon a cycling city, and now it’s part of our growing Friends of Cycling program as well! Located in the heart of Saskatoon’s historic Riversdale neighbourhood, John Mainhart and crew are always happy to get you on the right bike, keep it working, and kit you out with the right gear. When they’re not tuning up bicycles, they also sharpen skates!

Stop in and let them show you around, and make sure you let them know that you appreciate their support of our work!

What’s in a name?

by Gordon Holtslander, board member, Saskatoon Cycles

An ongoing issue when trying to improve the active transportation infrastructure in any city is getting past the “we have that” and “we don’t have any” part of the conversation. Particularly in the case of cycling infrastructure, people opposed to having more infrastructure will say “we already have that”, and they mean paved streets and multi-use paths. And those who want more put in place will say “we don’t have any”, and they mean we only have paved streets and multi-use paths and are completely lacking in separated bike lanes.

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Year End Donations

Saskatoon Cyles is a grassroots organization that depends on its members for the support to continue advocating for a Saskatoon that is accessible for all ages. We believe that our cause is a worthy one and we would ask you to support Saskatoon Cycles financially.

Your donations allow us to bring cycling concerns to Saskatoon City Council, participate in the many different planning groups within the City, engage new Canadians about cycling, participate in Canadian cycling research efforts, but we’d like to do even more.

Your donations keep the fires burning to make Saskatoon “the prairie city that gets it right!”

Please make a donation today!

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