Happy Ending of 2021!

by Kira Judge, co-chair, Saskatoon Cycles

Happy ending to 2021, everyone!

It is always meaningful to reflect on the previous year by celebrating the growth and learning one has experienced. Saskatoon Cycles has so much to be grateful for in 2021, despite the challenges of the pandemic and climate change realities we all face as Earthlings. These two issues continue to unite the whole planet to look for solutions and listen to those who have usually not had a space or voice to be heard. Only through challenges do we find the strength and wisdom we already have within us.

I usually look back over every month, and here’s what I think Saskatoon Cycles can celebrate from 2021:

January 2021: We hosted Hot Drinks Outside every Friday 7am to 9am with a few Friends of Cycling

February 2021: Despite the pandemic regulations, the outdoors provided a safe opportunity to meet regularly and Life Outside Gear Exchange at the old Farmers Market site was a perfect spot for our weekly gatherings

March 2021: Added a few Friends of Cycling: The Little Market Box, Life Outside Gear Exchange, SES Solar Co-op, Escape Sports, The Better Good

April 2021: Planned how to manage a Bike to Work Week online!

May 2021: Executed a successful online Bike to Work Week, while getting ready for the 1st ever national pedal poll

June 2021: Operated pedal poll at 31 locations and discovered eye opening stats on cycling diversity and inclusion

July 2021: Celebrated Truth and Reconciliation under the tower at the Victoria park during our weekly meet ups

August 2021: Birth of Bikes & Banter after many discussions, and Bike Valet relying on our unstoppable volunteer energy; we had over 50 volunteers contributing over 200 hours for the Jazz and Firework festivals. 

September 2021: Held the Cathy Watts slow roll on Sept. 8th and announced this will be an annual event. Organized the Nuit Blanche slow roll. Fiscal year ended with modest but healthy revenue to continue our operation

October 2021: We launched the Keep Rolling Event connecting to other organizations in the community

November 2021: Had our AGM online, adding great brains of Gord, Merlin and Dominic to the board, thanked Greg for his service, and hired new Operations Manager Jason and Mitacs intern Sam.

December 2021: Sold the newly designed Saskatoon Cycles t-shirts, and delivered 75% of orders on our 2 wheels!

A year ago Saskatoon Cycles made a decision to copy and paste what Edmonton’s Director of Communication, Glen Kubish did. As Edmonton wanted to increase winter appreciation and embrace winter as the season of introspection and reflection, so too did we in Saskatoon.

We had our meetups every week and increased our connection with the river, local artists, community organizations, and businesses. We strove to appreciate our past and present. By simply showing up every week we evolved from Hot Drinks Outside to Bikes and Banter. We had from two to twenty people joining these events. The most exciting guests were our youngsters, such as Blythe (3 years old) and Ayla (3 months old).

Happy Winter Everyone!

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