Saskatoon Cycles December 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming Events in Saskatoon

Several neighbourhoods in Saskatoon have been selected for traffic reviews in 2017 – be sure to review the Traffic Calming Guidelines and Tools document prior to meetings scheduled (TBA April-June 2017) in the following neighborhoods:

  • Queen Elizabeth and Exhibition (Ward 7);
  • Buena Vista (Ward 6);
  • Erindale and Arbor Creek (Ward 10);
  • Pleasant Hill (Ward 2);
  • Dundonald (Ward 4);
  • North Park and Richmond Heights (Ward 1);
  • Silverwood Heights (Ward 5); and
  • Wildwood (Ward 9).

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in organizing an Ice Cycle event for 2017? Saskatoon Cycles has lots of experience organizing events like this, but we’re always in need of volunteers! Events like this couldn’t happen without you! We need three people to assist with this event in early winter 2017 – please contact us if you’re interested

Have you heard of Cyclovia or Sunday Streets or Open Streets? It involves the closure of a street for a several hour span on a Sunday to allow people to enjoy a car-less space. It is an event that has been happening in cities all over North America such as Montreal and Winnipeg in the past several years and we think it’s time to start this wonderful tradition in Saskatoon! Please contact us if you’d like to help organize an Open Streets event in Saskatoon!

Saskatoon Cycles is going to raffle off an amazing bike in 2017 as one of our many funding initiatives and we could use a few volunteers to assist! Please contact us if you have some time to help us with this raffle!

Local Cycling News

AGM Report – from Saskatoon Cycles Co-Chair Cathy Watts:

The 5th Saskatoon Cycles AGM was held in the Learning Resource Centre of the Food Bank on November 16, 2016. Members were encouraged to bring a food donation when they registered.

The guest speaker was the Director of Planning, Lesley Anderson. She made a presentation on “What’s Next? Now that the Active Transportation Plan has been approved”. There was a lively discussion following. A report of the highlights of the past year demonstrated a significant growth and influence of the organization in the past year.

Board members for the 2016-2017 year are: Shannon RIchards, Brodie Thompson, Lee Smith, John Dosman, PJ Bell, Ingrid Larson, Jeannine Paul, Wendy Quinton, Ruth Engel, Alex Akoulov, and Cathy Watts. Thanks to outgoing board members: Lindsay Stokalko, Ben Ralston, Scott Silver, Sam Lock, Melanie Nahachewsky and Caitlin Taylor.

As always we are grateful for our Treasurer Jim Spinney and webmaster Gord Holtslander who do not sit on the board but do significant work to make our organization run efficiently. Thanks as well to Matt Hamilton who is the custodian of the t-shirts. The organization couldn’t function without the amazing community of volunteers who keep the Bike Valet going. Thanks to all of you!

Two awards were presented. Crystal Parton was acknowledged for her work in starting Slow Roll Saskatoon and continuing to keep it going. It has been a well loved cycling activity that many people have enjoyed. Caitlin Kirkpatrick was acknowledged for her work as a Young Activist. She was instrumental in acquiring and distributing bikes for refugee students at her high school.

There was a social time before the meeting began which featured 9 Mile Legacy beer and some great snacks.There were opportunities to buy t-shirts, and sign up for bite sized volunteer jobs.

The AGM is usually held every November. It is a wonderful time to catch up on the events of the past year and reconnect with cycling friends.

Hope to see you there next year.

National Cycling News

BIG congratulations are in order for Calgary! Their city council voted 10-4 in favour to make 6.5 km of separated bike lane permanent! More information and inspiration can be found here.

International Cycling News

Thank You!

  • Thanks to eclecthink and the gift of time and expertise that Bill and Sue Brooks donated to Saskatoon Cycles this past summer! They gathered a small group of university professors, business and other community members to provide a “think tank” for Saskatoon Cycles. We wanted to know how to get the public onside with protected bike lanes and they were a very rich resource for helping a non profit volunteer organization like ours think outside the box and develop a reasonable strategy to address our question! This service is offered to other groups in Saskatoon and you can contact Bill Brooks at or for more information – THANK YOU!
  • Saskatoon Cycles is also grateful for Federated Co-op who was our partner for the Bike to Work Day station outside their office on 22nd Street and 4th Ave – we had the most cyclists drop by! Federated Co-op have also offered Saskatoon Cycles storage space for our Bike Valet trailer for the winter season! We are looking forward to a continuing relationship with this great community minded organization – THANK YOU!

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