Hot Drinks Outside celebrates synergies in our community

By Kira Judge

By combining Hot Drinks Outside and Friends of Cycling, we are gaining interest and support from our community. Our next host is Radiance Cohousing at 475 Avenue L South (corner of Avenue L S and 18th street). It is an amazing synergy of our community! SES Solar Co-operative — which helped Radiance with its solar installation — is our newest Friends of Cycling sponsor.

Have you heard about SES? If not, here’s your chance to learn more. Full disclosure: I serve as their communication chair and published an article in WHOLIfe Magazine. I love and dream of solar energy progressing in Saskatchewan and Canada. 

I have been enjoying working with so many innovative and incredible talented volunteers. When you show up at Hot Drinks Outside this Friday between 7am to 9am at the Radiance Cohousing you will meet Michael Nemeth, vice-president of SES Solar Co-op. He and his partner Shannon Dyck are trailblazers of passive housing in Saskatchewan. Friday morning, you’ll have a chance to learn more about passive housing that morning. And enjoy free coffee and cream, and a crackling fire to warm up by, all courtesy of Michael and Shannon!

Another exciting thing about this week’s meetup spot is that you will be able to learn how to use Saskatoon CarShare Cooperative’s 100% solar-powered electric car. My partner, Robert, and I are proud supporters of Saskatoon CarShare Cooperative.

But wait…there’s more! Hot Drinks Outside has been invited to hold our meetups at several other sites where SES Solar Co-ops projects are successfully providing solar energy for the buildings and businesses in our community. So stay tuned for future Fridays.

When we envisioned the Hot Drinks Outside for YXE, we wanted it to be a celebration of winter, cycling, community…and hot drinks outside. It is turning into a great celebration of the many synergies in our community — while supporting and celebrating one another!

A big shout out to Life Outside Gear Exchange, last week’s host for Hot Drinks Outside. Thanks for having us!

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