Bike Doctor hosting this week’s Hot Drinks Outside

By Kira Judge, Co-Chair of Saskatoon Cycles

This Friday our long-time supporter and original Friends of Cycling sponsor the Bike Doctor will play host to our weekly #HotDrinksOutside meetup.

General manager Reid Challis will be there from 7 am to 9 am, to welcome us. He’ll have a fire going on the back patio and the store open, so you can check out the latest and greatest bicycles, accessories, and clothing.

This week’s gathering marks two full months of celebrating winter, community, and cycling joy every Friday morning.

Reid is such a great testament to the joy that comes from cycling. He’s been at the store for 10 years, but says it never feels like work because he gets to help people become happier. When people buy a bike, they feel like they’ve become part of the great worldwide movement of cyclists.

In my short interview with him, Reid told me he loves working at the Bike Doctor because people smile when they are on their bikes getting from Point A to Point B.

Bike Doctor used to host so many events for Saskatoon Cycles before the pandemic. They’re happy to have us back, to host an event that cheers people up and where we can enjoy each other’s stories and company. 

Please join us on Friday morning. Bring your hot drink. And invite a friend or two. As always, we will follow all public health guidelines for gatherings.

I plan to check out the cargo bikes at Bike Doctor when I’m there Friday. I dream of having a bicycle that would allow me to haul around treats for all of you Hot Drink Outsiders.

Stay tuned for the location of next week’s meetup, as it will be extra special edition. February 12 is International Winter Bike to Work Day. We are planning something special for you. If you have ideas about where we should hold Hot Drinks Outside next week, send us an email (info@saskatooncycles.org)

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