Celebrating the triple benefits of Hot Drinks Outside!

By Kira Judge, Co-Chair, Saskatoon Cycles

Did you know that when you stop by our new weekly Hot Drinks Outside meetup you get three great benefits?

First, you’ll meet new people and learn fun facts and names to follow — like Ed Pratt or Mr. Money Mustache. You can also pick up useful tips on how to enjoy winter activities despite the cold. Did you know there are battery-powered socks and mittens that can keep your toes and fingers toasty even when the mercury drops?

Second, you can get to know new businesses that are supporting us as Friends of Cycling sponsors. It’s so great to see stores that have opened recently and are thriving even in the middle of the pandemic. This is positive news that we all need these days. And our new sponsors are opening early on Fridays, just for us, so you can check out their offerings and soak up their hospitality and love. Last week, host The Little Market Box provided us with hot drinks and wonderful treats we all enjoyed. (Bonus: their shelves were already stocked at 7 am, so I was able to pick up my two favourites: sourdough bread and poppy seed loaf!).

And third, it’s a chance each week to celebrate winter. You get your daily dose of exercise while witnessing a spectacular sunrise that will keep you happy for the rest of the day!

This week we are celebrating a new local business called Life Outside Gear Exchange, which is located at the old Farmers Market. Owners Nancy and Matthew are our newest Friends of Cycling sponsor and they will be hosting us this Friday morning from 7 am to 9 am. To keep us warm and cozy outside, they are even setting up a few fire pits for us! I am so inspired by them and their mission. Fun fact about them: They got married on a canoe trip! To learn more about their great business, check out their New Faces New Places profile in the StarPhoenix.

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