Little Market Box hosting this week’s Hot Drinks Outside

By Kira Judge, Co-Chair, Saskatoon Cycles

We’re pleased to announce that The Little Market Box is our newest Friends of Cycling sponsor. And what better way to start off our relationship — and celebrate their new business — than to host our next Hot Drinks Outside meetup there, this Friday morning (January 15th) from 7 am to 9 am.

For those who don’t know, The Little Market Box — located at 808 16th Street W — is a place you can buy pretty much all your groceries: savoury dough bread made with 100-year-old starter, a variety of locally made sausages, organic yogurt, cheese, homemade fudge and green salad leaves and sprouts produced here in Saskatchewan. You can find many more locally produced products that will make you feel good because they are locally sourced and produced. Global TV did a story about them back in March.

I am so inspired by co-owner Shawnda: She is a community builder, farmer, and an entrepreneur — and now a Friend of Cycling too. Shawnda and her store are helping fill a void in the King George, Riversdale, and Holiday Park neighbourhoods left by the departure of the Farmer’s Market.

I shop there every week and enjoy their friendly service. A few days ago I even brought my dog, who was welcomed to come in and enjoy a doggy treat. My favourite things are the sourdough bread and double poppy seeds loaf made by Dianne…if I am I am lucky enough to get them before they sell out for the day!

Shawnda and her team have generously offered to host this week’s Hot Drinks Outside. They’re opening up early just for us and and preparing some goodies to taste with vegetarian and keto options! How special is that, right?

Hope to see you at Little Market Box tomorrow morning!

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