URGENT – Action needed this weekend – Final “bike lane” vote

Please show your support and send a note to council this weekend. Your voice will make a difference. (See links below).
The Issue:
On Monday April 29th Saskatoon City Council is voting on the preferred location (two of three options) of the downtown cycling network. One option being presented is no network and no investment at all,plus removal of the existing pilot lanes on 4th Av. and 23rd St.
City administration has recommended building the network, but some councillors have stated that they may vote for no development, based on feedback they have received.
Several councillors have stated just today that they have not made up their minds and are reviewing this weekend.
You can make a concrete difference by sending a brief note to council this weekend. Councillors have cited ‘dozens’ of comments as influencing their decisions, so your voice will make a difference.

What you can do:
1.  Send a brief note to council today, Saturday or Sunday (April 26 – 28)
You don’t have to write an essay, you can simply say you are in favor of the option recommended by City Administration (option 1). Or that you are in favour of either option 1 or 2, but NOT option 3 (no investment in an active transport network downtown).
Use this link to send your comment:
Subject:  Support for Active Transportation Network Option 1 (or Option 2) Meeting:  April 29 Regular Business – Downtown Active Transportation Network
You can also send a note to info@saskatooncycles.org that you have commented and we will present a total count to council on Monday.

2.  Contact a councillor directly today, Saturday or Sunday (April 26 – 28)
Councillors Randy Donauer, Troy Davies, Bev Dubois, Darren Hill and Ann Iwanchuk have previously voted against keeping the pilot bike lanes or have indicated they are considering voting against  supporting the recommended permanent infrastructure.

Randy Donauer is also on the Transportation Committee and voted against the plan recommended by the committee.

You can let these councillors know your view whether or not you are in their ward; they have responsibilities to the entire City as Committee members, people from all wards access the downtown, and Active Transportation infrastructure investment affects the entire city.

You can send a note to each of these councillors via this link:
You can also send notes to coucillors via Twitter or Facebook, whatever works best for you; the more contacts the better.
It is most effective to be positive and constructive.

3.  Speak at the council meeting Monday April 29th (afternoon)
As with the written notes, you don’t have to write an award-winning speech. Councillors have previously said that simple, short, personal opinions are valued and have an impact.
You can request to speak using the same link as to submit a letter, for the ‘comment’ state that you request to speak before council on item 10.1.1 Downtown Active Transportation Network.
Subject:  Support for Active Transportation Network Option 1 (or Option 2) Meeting:  April 29 Regular Business – Downtown Active Transportation Network
You can also simply attend the meeting, you will see many familiar faces and AT supporters. A personal presence also make an impression on councillors.

4.  Amplify this message and send to your network (this weekend)
Share this message or our Facebook post.

Why you should do it:
Most people on this list are aware of the many benefits of investment in Active Transportation infrastructure.  Our neighboring cities Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg have recently developed significant networks.  AT investments are part of remaining competitive with other Canadian cities, providing excellent quality of lilfe, and amenities that attract and retain our youth, families, and businesses, as well as supporting tourism.

Background info:
General AT page:https://www.saskatoon.ca/moving-around/cycling/cycling-plans-projects
Final AT plan and recommendation for, for vote on April 29th:https://www.saskatoon.ca/sites/default/files/documents/transportation-utilities/transportation/cycling/at_summary_report_and_recommendation.pdf
CBC article summary April 26th:https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/saskatoon-bike-lanes-1.5111283

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