Track Your Rides!

Saskatoon Cycles is in the process of organizing a summit around cycling in the city. The event will serve to produce a strategic document highlighting multi-year priorities for cycling infrastructure development with the end goal being a comprehensive cycling network for commuting by bicycle in Saskatoon. This event will bring together a variety fo stakeholders, and more details are to come.

In the meantime, we need your help!

In order to have a realistic view of where Saskatoon residents cycle in their daily lives, Saskaoton Cycles will be consuulting data available from a popular cycling tracking app called Strava. Though Strava is often used to track training rides for athletes, it is also used by many to track their daily commutes – and that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do! Rest assured that the data is completely anonymous, and is pooled collectively to provide an overview of where people cycle. Once aggragated by Strava and provided to us, it will not show specifics about individual rides, or starting and end points. What it allows us to see is which routes are most used – which is VERY useful information. Help us advocate for a better ride on your route!

To learn more about the app, head to Strava’s website.

To download the app, head to the apple app store or the google play store.

We appreciate your help and are excited to be working toward a better commute for you in years to come!

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