Official Launch: Light Up Your Life

(L-R) Mayor Don Atchison, Bike Valet coordinator Sharon Elder, Bike Valet volunteer Jorden Olson, Chief of Police Clive Weighill, Saskatoon Cycles Co-chairperson Cathy Watts

Saskatoon Cycles and Saskatoon Police Services are proud to announce the launch of The Light up Your Life campaign, which is designed to increase awareness about cycling safety and engage the cycling community in safety education.

The highlight of the Light Up Your Life campaign will be the distribution of free bike lights to Saskatoon residents. Education of cyclists, young and old, will also play a large part of the joint campaign.

Research has proven that cycling accidents which occur at night are more likely to be fatal. Another study has shown collisions at night were also more than twice as likely to occur in comparison to those occurring during the day.

“The Light Up Your Life campaign is a first step in a long term program to increase awareness about cycling safety and engage the cycling/driving community in safety education.” explains Sharon Elder, Saskatoon Cycles Bike Valet Coordinator. “Providing proper lighting for cycles is a simple way to increase visibility on our roads and to promote cycling safety in our community. We are all stakeholders when on the roads, safety is vital!” continues Sharon

City of Saskatoon Bylaw #6884 (The Bike Bylaw) clearly states that the use of a front light and rear reflector or light must be used during the period from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise or at any other time when conditions of poor visibility exist.

Free lights will be handed out at many venues to help cyclists to obey the rules. In addition, we will also be handing out information about being visible and following the rules of the road” indicates Sharon.
“Bikes are vehicles; the same rules of the road apply. $50.00 tickets (with a $25.00 reduction if paid within two weeks) will be issued to those who are in violation of this bylaw, starting August 1, 2014.

Support for the Light Up Your Life campaign is possible through the donation of funds and/or bike lights.


Sharon Elder, Bike Valet Coordinator


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