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The next generation of protected bike lanes:

This is a great vision for our city and many people remain positive that one day, Saskatoon will see something like this in our beautiful city:

Bike sale and a happy customer:

Our first ever bike sale brought a smile to the face of one little girl. It was a very special donation, made by a woman who had been unable to part with this childhood treasure for 30 years. Every time she moved she looked at it with such fond childhood memories that it didn’t seem like the time was right to get rid of it. With news of our bike sale, the donor decided to move it along. It was in pristine condition. When Siya’s Dad snagged it for her she spent an hour riding around. The donor returned later and was delighted that the bike was going to make wonderful memories for another little girl

just like she had been.

Vélo Canada Bikes 3 rd National Bike Summit:

This year, I had the pleasure of attending the Vélo Canada Bikes 3 rd National Bike Summit in Ottawa on behalf of Saskatoon Cycles. There were delegates from Victoria to St. John’s representing a numerous organization I was the lone attendee from Saskatchewan. As well as the Summit.

It was a great few days. The highlights were the chance to meet with cycling advocates from across Canada, the great speakers, presenting on Saskatoon Cycles Bike Valet Service, and the networking on breaks and at the reception. I talked with several people including the Mayor of
Victoria about the Bike Valet – as they were impressed with what we are doing in Saskatoon –and I sent them more information. I learned that the Bike Industry in Canada is a $1 Billion business and that there is an incredible potential for growth, particularly in the E-Bike market.
An industry representative told me that there is an increasing awareness/appreciation among those in the “Bike Business” for the work that the Bike Advocacy organizations are doing – as this work drives bike sales – and therefore it is in their interest to support the work of Bike
Advocacy organizations. Something to consider ––Jerome Nicol

June bike sale update:

Many thanks to the volunteers and board members who helped out
with our first BIKE SALE at the WDM on June 15. For a first try we were 
very pleased with the effort and we hope to continue doing this event next spring.

We were delighted and grateful to receive many donated bikes that were checked over for condition before they were allowed in the sale. Bikes were also sold for people on commission.

There were many happy people who were able to get a “new” to them bike for the season or were able to sell a bike that was no longer being used.

Happy summer riding!

 The Bike Life, coming to a theatre near you:

Saskatoon Cycles has been working on producing a video of the Bike Life. Funding has been provided by IN Motion. Andrei Feheregyhazi has been our videographer. We have been so thankful for our stars who have shared their bike life stories. (Cindi Pederson, Marnie Deighton, Robert, Kira and Eldar Judge and Dolly (Xiaomin Jiang)

P.S. Watch for the celebration and viewing later this year.

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