Saskatoon Cycles March 2022 Newsletter

Pedal Poll 2022: Get Ready!

Vélo Canada Bikes is currently organizing the Pedal Poll for 2022 to take place during the week of June 6-12th. This promises to be an expanded version of 2021’s first-ever national bike count, and Saskatoon Cycles intends to participate again. Please watch for requests for volunteer counters!

Some background: in June of 2021, Vélo Canada Bikes organized over 1,000 volunteers in 68 communities across Canada to count cyclists and get a better understanding of what our country’s cycling picture looks like. Saskatoon was one of the participating communities, and our results were captured in this helpful infographic.

This snapshot suggests that of the 1742 observed riders in Saskatoon over six days, the majority were adult white males, which highlights concerns about diversity, access, and safety issues within the community’s infrastructure and overall cycling culture.

For more information and infographics for other cities, please go to the Vélo Canada Bikes website.

More Than Bike Lanes

Brian Pincott, Vélo Canada Bikes

Bike infrastructure is more than just bike lanes.

The federal Active Transportation Fund should unleash a flurry of projects across Canada. The pent-up demand for more infrastructure, from cyclists as well as local government, is palpable. Most anticipate that the number and value of applications will far outstrip the Active Transportation Fund’s $400M over 5 years.

Click here to read more.

Countdown to ZenZED Launch

Saskatoon Cycles is excited to announce our next cycling project. In April 2022 we will be launching our new ZenZED (Zen Zero Emission Delivery) initiative and want you to be a part of it!

ZenZED is a delivery-by-bicycle service for some of our favourite local stores. We focus on small non-perishable items that can fit in a backpack for delivery to residences within Circle Drive.

ZenZED is currently seeking cycling enthusiasts to deliver for us. Cyclists of all skill levels are encouraged to participate (so long as they are Zen). If you are interested in earning money biking in Saskatoon, please check out the webpage.

New Friends of Cycling: Fable Ice Cream

We’re very excited to announce the newest member of our Friends of Cycling family, Fable Ice Cream. For almost five years, Fable has brought mostly local producers and organic materials together for delicious ice cream creations that have made the King George neighbourhood a destination location. In addition, they make a mean cup of espresso, and are right next door to Darkside Donuts, another of our Friends of Cycling, so you’re guaranteed to hit the right sweet spot if you stop in to say hello.
Please help us welcome Fable to the program!

Ice Cycle 2022

Ice Cycle 2022 was a smashing success!

We had 37 enthusiastic cyclists out for a great Saturday afternoon ride. Participants went from the Fire Vessel at River Landing, across the Victoria Bridge, through Gabriel Dumont Park, across the Gordie Howe Bridge, and along the Meewasin back to the Fire Vessel. Everyone warmed up with hot chocolate, cider, and snacks from Drift Cafe while loosely gathered around the toasty Fire Vessel. Stickers with Ice Cycle 2022 and bike lights with the Saskatoon Cycles logo were handed out, along with an extra helping of general merriment!

This video gives you a taste of the fun we had!

Thanks to everyone who came out, and be sure tell all your friends to come out next year!

Winter #BYXE Week 2022

Saskatoon Cycles teamed up with the City of Saskatoon to present the Winter #BYXE Week 2022 from February 14 – 21. The unpredictable weather created some tough conditions early in the week, but 128 cyclists registered for the event, with participant ages between teens to those over 70 years old!

We planned a number of activities to get people out for #BYXE Week, including an online Winter Cycling Workshop info session, a virtual scavenger hunt with destinations around the city, a series of decorated bikes to find and photograph, and a number of prize draws with swag from some great businesses:

  • D’Lish
  • Doug’s Spoke n Sport
  • Drift Cafe
  • Bulk Basket
  • Bike Doctor
  • Fable
  • The Better Good
  • Turning the Tide Bookstore

We acknowledge and appreciate the support of the City of Saskatoon, and look forward to launching the Spring #BYXE Week in May 2022!

Saskatoon Cycles Social Media

It’s never a bad time to remind you that we have a presence on many social media platforms, where you can get the latest news on our activities, locations for our Bikes & Banter gatherings, or general bike and community resources and events.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Click on any of them and follow us to stay in the loop!


It’s also always a great time to remind you that our work relies heavily on donations from enthusiastic bike riders who want to see the cycling infrastructure and culture in Saskatoon continue to bloom and grow. Our programs make an important impact on the quality of life in Saskatoon. Please support our efforts with your donations or with your time as a volunteer. 

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