Saskatoon Cycles March 2019 Newsletter


Monday March 25, 2019 there will be a film festival at the Broadway Theatre. You can purchase tickets here:

                                                7pm-10 pm

We are delighted to report that the Bike Doctor is bringing the Bicycle Film Festival to Saskatoon as a fundraiser for the Bike Valet. We encourage everyone to attend and would like to see us a sellout event.

We will need some volunteers to help with the evening. Please send us a message at


Thank you so much to Murray Gross and Erin Edwards who hosted the winter cycling workshop as part of the Winteruption and the Winter City Shake up. About 30 people came to try out the fat tire bikes that were loaned by the Bike Doctor and talk about winter cycling.

After a successful BikeART show, Saskatoon Cycles has some pieces for sale. You could own a one of a kind piece made by Saskatoon Community Arts Program  Inc. artists or Let’s Lead Students.
What could be better – own a unique piece of art while supporting Saskatoon Cycles.

All offers accepted! Please contact Jerome Nicol at 639-998-1193 or


Winter Bike to Work Day was held on January 24. Saskatoon Cycles would like to say thank you to the Active Transportation Department with the City for organizing a very cold and successful winter bike to work day.


Eight people from Saskatoon travelled to Calgary for a marvellous Winter Cycling Congress that was full of enthusiasm, energy, fun, new and old friendships, great conversations, and a place for a winter cyclist to fill up their cup.

The Calgary Central library is beyond words. It was a fantastic venue for the event. Jerome Nicol from Saskatoon Cycles made a great presentation about the Bike Art that has been funded by the Winter City strategy and included BCBC, SCYAP, and Let’s Lead. Tyler Rittenger, a teacher from Eco Quest also did a wonderful presentation entitled “ Channeling a Year-round Youth Cycling Culture in Saskatoon.


In order to move the bike valet into its next version we have dreams of hiring a manager for volunteer recruitment. retention, recognition, marketing, administration, supervision, and volunteer orientation. Our hope is to build and grow the bike valet into a significant service that would be at more festivals and community events.

We have tried hard to find a sponsor but have not succeeded.

In the past, one or two board members have provided the “background”. This is no longer sustainable. As a transition we have been blessed to contract Deb Whittingstall to fill in some of the background jobs. At the second half of the season last year we contracted Kaleb who I’m sure, you enjoyed working with. Kaleb will return and Deb will do her best to get volunteers, communicate with the festival organizers etc. We have the most wonderful and appreciated volunteers that any group could dream about. WE hope to see you this next season.

We are very appreciative of the efforts that the Bike Doctor is making to help us along.


Saskatoon Cycles is going are going is making a movie––more like movies!
We are so happy to report that In Motion has given us some money to make a video entitled “The Bike Life”. We have obtained the services of Andrei Feheregyhazi who will produce three vignettes of regular people who ride their bikes in different seasons and will talk about how riding their bike feels in their day to day life. We are hoping to have it completed by the end of June.

Filming has already begun.

Canada Bike’s 3rd Annual Bike Summit – Call for Abstracts

Pedal Power: People, Planet, Profit Vélo Canada Bikes invites you to submit an abstract to present at the 3rd National Bike Summit. Vélo Canada Bikes is a pan-Canadian non-profit organization that advocates for increased federal support for everyday cycling in Canada. Our vision is a Canada where people of all ages and abilities can cycle safely and conveniently, in any community, for work, school, everyday errands, or leisure.

More information about Canada Bikes here:

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