Saskatoon Cycles July 2021 Newsletter

Calling all volunteers: Bike Valet is back!

With the easing of public health restrictions, some summertime events are back on the festival calendar. We’ll be set up August 10th to 15th, providing bike parking/security for the full run of Taste of Saskatchewan and a portion of this year’s SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. We need your help, whether you’re a seasoned Bike Valet volunteer or a newbie. If you’re interested, contact our board co-chair Erin Edwards. And if you’re an organizer who’d like to offer secure bike parking at your event, fill out the form on our website or send an email to bikevalet@saskatooncycles.org and we’ll be in touch.

Book review: Back on Your Bike

One upside of COVID-19 restrictions has been the renewed interest in biking; some people, including author Allan Anderson, call it a “Bike Boom.” Cycling, according to Anderson is a “magic bullet” that achieves so many positive things in such a simple way.  It has taken COVID for many want-to-be cyclists to open the door to this insight. Read the full review by Saskatoon Cycles board member Johanna Bergerman. 

Saskatoon Cycles participates in Fire Ceremony

I was humbled and honoured to represent Saskatoon Cycles at the Fire Ceremony for Indigenous history month last month. My time slot was 11 pm to 12 midnight. I was determined to bike to the Northeast Swale so I invited my husband Robert along to be my security guard and companion for this healing event.

We were a few minutes late, so I was prepared to go home if we were not welcome. However, as soon as we arrived at the Swale the magic started: I was allowed to join the ceremony; my husband was allowed to join me instead of having to wait outside; and elders Joseph and Roland shared the meaning of tobacco offerings along with many other wonderful stories.

The elder Joseph sang a song and we were invited to sing along while staring at the stars. After the ceremony, Robert and I had a lovely ride home along the spectacular Meewasin trail. We were so inspired by the kindness, love, and wisdom we received at the Fire Ceremony. The community healing offered at the ceremony was so timely and sacred — we would attend again in a heart beat. I am planning to invite the elders to our AGM in November 2021. (By Kira Judge, Co-Chair, Saskatoon Cycles)

Slow roll to remember Cathy Watts

On September 8th, we will be hosting a slow roll in remembrance of long-time cycling crusader and Saskatoon Cycles chair Cathy Watts. Stay tuned for more details later this summer.

Light up your bike for Nuit Blanche

Start planning how you’re going to light up your bike for our night time slow roll at this year’s Nuit Blanche on September 25th. Details to follow.

Coming up: New name for weekly meetups

Hot Drinks Outside? But it’s plus 35 Celsius! The name for our weekly cycling community meetups was spot-on when we launched last winter. However, it feels like less of a good fit now that we are in the dog days of summer. Watch our social channels for our new, year-round name for these gatherings.

Join our board

Want to become part of our work to make cycle safer and more accessible to people of all ages and abilities in Saskatoon? Start thinking now about joining our board of directors. We’ll be putting out a formal call for nominations in September.

Have an idea for a cycling project or event?

We want to increase our ability to spread the cycling love, so have a standing call out for volunteer “advisors.” Do you have an idea for a biking-flavoured event that you’d be willing to take the lead on, if you had some support from the Saskatoon Cycles board? Send us an email note (info@saskatooncycles.org ) outlining your idea with as much detail as you can.

Got bikes collecting dust in your basement, garage, or shed?

While we weren’t able to host our annual Used Bike Sale and Expo this spring, we are still accepting donations of good-quality used bikes. We will make these available for sale at reasonable prices through our Instagram account. If you have a bike you’d like to donate, send a note to: info@saskatooncycles.org. All proceeds help support our work to make Saskatoon a safer, more cycling friendly city for riders of all ages.

Have you been involved in a cycling incident or collision?

If you’ve had a run-in with a motorist — either an actual collision or an incident like the one Leticia Stephenson recently experienced — we want to hear from you. We see it as part of our mandate to ensure that these examples are brought to the attention of the City of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Government Insurance and that they help inform the education campaigns run by both agencies. If you are willing to share your experience with us, send an email message to: info@saskatooncycles.org

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