Book Review: Back on Your Bike

By Johanna Bergerman, Saskatoon Cycles board member

One upside of COVID-19 restrictions has been the renewed interest in biking; some people, including author Allan Anderson, call it a “Bike Boom.” Cycling, according to Anderson is a “magic bullet” that achieves so many positive things in such a simple way. 

It has taken COVID for many want-to-be cyclists to open the door to this insight. And seeing this trend of “returning” cyclists, Anderson has put together the ultimate and well-illustrated resource with his new book, “Back on Your Bike: Becoming a Cyclist Again and Other Bike Stuff you Need to Know.” He aims to provide the basic information an urban cyclist needs to ride, including bike maintenance know-how and confidence in how to ride.  Easy to read, this short book uses many illustrations to highlight the most pertinent information. 

You can borrow this book from the Saskatoon Public Library, and buy it at McNally Robinson or Indigo.  

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