Getting to know the Saskatoon Cycles Board of Directors: Ingrid Larson

Q: What do you when you’re not riding your bike?

I am a manager at the Saskatoon Community Clinic with responsibility for communications and member relations. I find my volunteer work with Saskatoon Cycles blends nicely with the values and goals of my daytime job as both organizations value healthy lifestyles. As we know study after study shows that active living is one of the best ways for people to keep healthy. However, to make this happen we need safe infrastructure that promotes riding bikes and other active ways of getting around. In my spare time I read a lot of books (try for one a week), watch movies, like to cook and enjoy spending time with my husband and adult daughter. 

Q: How long have you been on the Saskatoon Cycles Board of Directors?

Three years, although I have volunteered and participated since the early days of Saskatoon Cycles. 

Q: Besides being on the Board, what other Saskatoon Cycles activity/initiative do you volunteer your time towards?

I have volunteered at the bike valet, participated in advocacy activities, organized AGMs and speakers, helped with fundraising, written grant applications and have represented Saskatoon Cycles on the Canada Bikes Board. Much of this volunteer work was done before I was on the board so if you are looking for non-board volunteer work we would love to hear from you – there are lots of ways you can contribute! I have also served on the City of Saskatoon Cycling Advisory Group.

Q: In an average month, about how much time do you contribute to Saskatoon Cycles, between being on the Board and your other volunteer efforts?

About three to five hours per month.

Q: What has been the highlight of your involvement with Saskatoon Cycles so far? What are you most proud of?

A few years ago a group of us organized a Bike Summit where our members created a map and recommendations to help guide the City of Saskatoon in creating interconnected safe cycling routes. I hope that perhaps someday the City will achieve this goal – it’s very important for personal health, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and for ensuring a safe and inclusive community. For example, who doesn’t know a parent who is afraid to let their child ride their bike to school? How often have you heard a neighbour say “I would love to ride my bike to work but I am too scared”?

Q: Why are you involved with Saskatoon Cycles? What do you get from being involved?

I support the advocacy and education goals of Saskatoon Cycles. I like associating with people who have similar values and interests. I find bike riding a great equalizer – we come from all income brackets, occupations and ways of living and I have yet to meet a grumpy cyclist when riding!   

Q: What would you say to someone considering becoming a board member?

If you have a passion for working to improve cycling conditions in Saskatoon please come on board.  There are many interesting ways you can support our goals and meet others with a similar passion.

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