Getting to know the Saskatoon Cycles board of directors: Gordon Holtslander

As a non-profit, Saskatoon Cycles relies on the generous efforts of its volunteers. One of the ways you can contribute to and help shape the direction of our work is by becoming a member of our Board of Directors. At our AGM on November 3rd, 2021 three people joined our Board. The first we’ll introduce you to is Gordon Holtslander, past board member and IT genius.

Q: Who are you and why do you ride a bike?

A: I’m Gord Holtslander and I ride bike because it’s handier for me in many situations. Especially when I head downtown I don’t need to worry about, or pay for, parking.

Q: Any favourite cycling rides or routes in or around Saskatoon?

A: My favourite bike ride is riding anywhere along the Meewasin trails. It is really one of the great treasures of living in Saskatoon.

Q: Why did you decide to join the board?

A: I want to help Saskatoon Cycles impact the way that Saskatoon develops active transportation and particularly cycling.

Q: What do you hope to contribute through your involvement?

A: My area of expertise is technology so that’s what I want to bring in particular. 

Q: Have you already volunteered with Saskatoon Cycles? If so, in what initiatives have you been involved?

A: I’ve been on the board many years ago and I’ve also been part of the Bike Valet. However, I’ve been the tech guy for Saskatoon Cycles for about 10 years. 

Q: What do you see as some priorities to make Saskatoon better and safer for cyclists?

A: My desire is to see all forms of transportation as valid in our city. Cars are not going away, nor do I want them to. However, we all need to have respect for others on the road or trails. Whether that is car drivers having respect for bicycles, motorbikes or just slow car drivers. At the same time, all of us cyclists need to take the rules of the road or trails seriously. There is room for everyone on the streets and trails in Saskatoon. We need to get along to make Saskatoon as great as it has the potential to be!

Cycling is part of what allows me to have breakfasts like this! – Gord

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