Saskatoon Cycles November 2021 Newsletter

The Reality of Obstacles: Keep Rolling, COP26, Winter Cycling and AT Infrastructure

by Kira Judge, co-chair, Saskatoon Cycles

If you are like me, there’s an internal debate around whether to head outside when the temperatures get below freezing. One part of my brain tells me it’s cold and miserable; the other tells me I’ll be glad to fully embrace winter. Of course, once I’ve made the decision to be in the fresh air, I am always grateful. I beam with joy and gratitude, especially when I’ve taken my bike to get somewhere. Every choice leads to better habits, and as you know, these habits form us and define our destiny. Continue reading here.

“Any Day on My Bike Is a Good Day!”

by Jason Hanson, Saskatoon Cycles

When we lived in small town Saskatchewan back in the ‘80s, I remember the residents suggesting she was a little crazy. She would ride her bike a whole kilometer to get groceries instead of taking the car. In a snowstorm, she’d don a full body skidoo suit and facemask and walk(!) to the store. She once attempted to bike from Yorkton, SK to our home, but threw in the towel after 40km at Theodore when the wind got too heavy. The townsfolk whispers became murmurs when it was revealed she left her family for two entire weeks to cycle around Ireland with her twin sister. These were all things normal people just did not do. When you added the fact that she home schooled her kids, Anne Hanson had decisively carved out a reputation for being a non-conformist/eccentric/modern day witch. Everyone had an opinion. To me, she was just Mom. Continue reading here.

Getting to know the Saskatoon Cycles board of directors: Gordon Holtslander

At our AGM on November 3rd, 2021 three people joined our Board. The first we’ll introduce you to is Gordon Holtslander, past board member and IT genius. Continue reading here.

T-shirts! Get your T-shirts!

If you missed the Nov. 10th “in-time-for-Christmas” order date for our new Jerico brand bamboo/organic cotton blend T-shirts, don’t worry: we procured some extras. They have a fun, beautiful design by Saskatoon’s own Lesia Karalash, and they’re available in all sizes. Quantities are not unlimited, though, so best not dawdle! Get yours here.

Giving Tuesday

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is the movement designed to remind us all that community building is an important part of a healthy budget. Saskatoon Cycles is grateful for any funding you can send, any day of the week, and we promise to keep doing exciting things with what we get. From loose change in the couch cushions right up to gold bars, you can donate here.

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