We’re hiring: Operations Manager

Position is filled: November 1, 2021

If you want to help make Saskatoon a more cycling friendly city for people of all ages and abilities, this is the job for you.  We are recruiting a new operations manager.  This role includes a mix of social media management, writing in support of projects and grants, media relations, and website creative work.  Full job description below.

Applications should be submitted by mail (Saskatoon Cycles PO Box 9482 Saskatoon, SK S7K 7E9) or email (info@saskatooncycles.org) by October 31, 2021.

Operations Manager (Part-time)

Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities


The primary role is to plan, organize and coordinate the core communications program and the other many projects of Saskatoon Cycles (SC).  Significant leadership will also be provided to the projects by our directors, volunteers and – in specific cases – project term staff and contractors.

The Operations Manager will report to the board of directors of SC.  Having said that, the Operations Manager will work closely with the two co-chairs between board meetings to determine priority tasks at any given time and content of communications.


  • Monitor all 3 social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram)
  • Review comments, reactions for possible follow-up
  • Like or respond to any comments that have been posted, as appropriate
  • Seek direction from board about responding to difficult/negative comments
  • Write and publish posts about SC events/activities – e.g., Bikes and Banter meetups
  • work with Gordon Holtslander, web site operator, to keep the SC website fresh and working towards SC goals.  This will include developing and writing content for the website.
  • Add listings to website Events page


  • Produce newsletter (write content, edit content provided by board members, format content, publish).  This will include securing images when possible
  • Prepare blog posts (conduct interviews, write post, secure photos, format, publish, promote on social)
  • Edit blog posts written by SC board members and volunteers
  • Prepare report on communications activity for previous month
  • Attend board meetings
  • Keep files in SC Google drive to record and support activities


  • Contribute to and edit grant applications (sometimes lead writer, sometimes in support of directors or volunteers – as assigned by the board).  This may include the development of new program plans for review by the board, to be included in grant applications.
  • Assist the board to identify likely sources of revenue and liaise with funding organizations.


  • Attending and reporting on many SC events, including taking photos, and posts to social media
  • manage interaction with local media, including the issue of press releases, as directed by the board.  In case of media requests, help prepare board members for interviews
  • support all SC programs and events through participation in planning and budget meetings, sometimes drafting plans, often implementing detailed communications plans for each.  The programs and events are spread throughout the year.

Essential skills

  • Graphic design
  • Writing skills
  • More advanced social media experience
  • inter-personal communications skills
  • organizational skills

This is a part-time position, currently limited to 36 hours per month.  The rate of pay is $25 per hour.  The incumbent will provide their own workplace and basic office equipment, such as a computer and telephone.

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