Volunteer Appreciation Event

2022 has been another difficult year in many respects: Covid-19 waves and aftershocks continue to rattle the world, global supply chain issues have destabilized economies, politics seem more divisive than ever, and climate change reminds us every few days that we need to quickly adopt a softer approach to the planet.

It is during uncertain times like these that community involvement and cooperative spirits truly shine through. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have an AMAZING crew of enthusiastic volunteers who support our various initiatives like the Bike Valet, slow rolls, social media contests, or fundraisers. We literally could not do the work we do without all of you.

We want to give you all a BIG thank you and remind you that every bit of your participation, big or small, is what keeps communities clicking along, despite the hijinks, misadventures, and tempests that swirl around us.


We hope you can join us at 9Mile Legacy Brewery for a Volunteer Appreciation windup, Oct 5, 6-9pm.

Please complete this form so we can know you are coming and have enough food for everyone to enjoy.