Volunteer Appreciation Event

2023 was a very busy and eventful year for Saskatoon Cycles: we operated another successful season of the Bike Valet, ran cycling education sessions, launched contests, and hosted slow rolls every month. The community also lost two cyclists through traffic deaths in the space of two months, which demanded a response to city council over the inadequacy of our current active transportation infrastructure.

Throughout all of this, we counted on YOU for help.

Your involvement and cooperative spirit was there for the celebratory stuff like a busy Jazz Festival valet shift, and for the more sombre events like a bike safety ride. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have such an AMAZING crew of enthusiastic volunteers who support our various initiatives and show up when required. We literally could not do the work we do without all of you.

We want to give you all a BIG thank you and remind you that every bit of your participation, big or small, is what keeps communities clicking along, no matter what the seasons throw at us.


Nine Mile Brewery Volunteer Appreciation tour

We hope you can join us for a Volunteer Appreciation Nine Mile Brewery tour, January 25, 6:30pm.

You can ride to their location and bring your bike inside. The tour takes from 45min to 1.5 hours depending on how many questions are asked. Samples will be offered (so participants must be legal drinking age).

There is only room for 25 people to tour the facilities at one time. However, if we have more than that Nine Mile is willing to offer a second tour.

Please complete this form so we can know you are coming and can determine if we need to organize two tours.

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