Ten actions to increase cycling in Canada: The Centre for Active Transportation

A new report released last week by The Centre for Active Transportation sets out 10 actions that communities can take locally to grow cycling as a viable transportation option. The document, entitled Increasing Cycling in Canada: a Guide to What Works, was produced in collaboration with researchers from the University of Toronto, McGill University, and Simon Fraser University. 

The authors drew on five years of research to develop the list. They identified places in Canada where cycling has increased significantly and then analyzed data sets and conducted interviews to determine why.

Here are the 10 evidence-based actions designed for communities to support cycling growth through infrastructure and culture change:

  1. Spark cycling adoption
  2. Sustain lifelong cycling
  3. Tap into trends, but take an equity lens
  4. Identify cycling potential
  5. Use partnerships to build cycling culture where it does not exist
  6. Use data to identify cross-cutting benefits
  7. Make a plan
  8. Pair up projects and programs
  9. Make it safe
  10. Address weather and hills

Download the full report
Read TCAT’s media release

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