Slow Roll: Bike Safety and Awareness 2023

Join us tomorrow, Saturday, October 14, 2023 on our slow roll of reflection for the year so far; one of great cycling participation, visibility, and action, but also of tremendous tragedy. We will be thinking about successful BYXE Weeks and touring some excellent new pieces of infrastructure, while also holding space for the loss to our community in the deaths of Natasha Fox and Darin Kinniewess. What is Saskatoon doing right, and what more needs to be done when it comes to cycling awareness and safety?

We’ll be meeting at the River Landing Fire Vessel (between the Remai Modern and the Sugar Shack) and departing at 2PM.

We’ll take a tour that takes us along the Meewasin Valley, Dudley Street, Avenue W, 19th Street, and back to Meewasin along 17th Street. From there, riders will have the choice to go on a contemplative additional leg along the Meewasin to the Gordie Howe bridge, through Gabriel Dumont Park and back to River Landing via the Victoria Bridge, or directly back to the Fire Vessel.

We hope you’ll come along for some fellowship, new paths, and remembrance.

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