Saskatoon Cycles March 2024 Newsletter

Bike Valet 2024: Get Ready!

We’re looking forward to a busy Bike Valet this year, and we’d love for you to be a part of the action!

Our goal is to park over 4,000 bicycles in 2024. That means working with event organizers early and getting our amazing volunteers excited and ready to provide the most professional and friendly bicycle attendant service anywhere!

We’ve already confirmed the following events, and will be adding more soon:

  • Saskatchewan Marathon
  • Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan
  • Canada Day
  • SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival
  • Fireworks Festival
  • Teachers’ Convention

This year we’re strongly encouraging all of our volunteers to get a criminal record check including a vulnerable sector check. This has been mandatory at the Children’s Festival venue for years, but as the Bike Valet grows to serve more and more diverse events, we want to be able to ensure that everyone is protected as much as possible.

The process is straightforward and the cost of checks are waived when accompanied by a volunteer letter. (There may be a small processing fee for online applications.)

If you live in Saskatoon, you can apply in person at Saskatoon Police Service or online here. Use our volunteer letter to have the fees waived: Saskatoon Cycles letter for Saskatoon City Police

If you live outside Saskatoon, you can apply in person at your local RCMP detachment or police service: Saskatoon Cycles letter for the RCMP

Please note: If you already have a valid vulnerable sector check letter (processed within the last two (2) years), you will not need to apply for one this year. Please bring your letter with you for Bike Valet staff verification.

If you have any questions about this year’s Bike Valet, please contact us at bikevalet@saskatooncycles.org

We’re looking forward to seeing you out for another great year of bike parking at Saskatoon’s most enjoyable festivals and events!

Connecting Millar Transportation Project: Round 1

Are you interested in seeing increased safety and accessibility for active transportation and transit users in more sections of the city?

Have your say!

The City of Saskatoon is reviewing Millar Avenue (from 43rd Street to Marquis Drive) for the assessment, engagement, and design of walking and cycling facilities.

This is part of the city’s Active Transportation Plan’s (AT Plan) implementation strategy to have shelf-ready plans, and in this first round of engagement (March-April 2024) they want to hear from and gather feedback from property owners, business operators, members of the public, and community groups. Feedback will be used by the City to develop design alternatives and inform the final design plan.

You can find excellent background information about the potential route and get a sense of why city planners consider it a viable option for consideration by clicking here.

You can submit your comments and suggestions in this short survey, open until April 8th, 2024.

“Showers for Flowers” Slow Roll – April 27, 2024

When in April the sweet showers fall
And pierce the drought of March to the root, and all
The veins are bathed in liquor of such power
As brings about the engendering of the flower

The Canterbury Tales (prologue, translated)

You’re invited to our “Showers for Flowers” Slow Roll on Saturday, April 27, 2024. We are going to welcome in what we suspect will be some milder temperatures, and while we hope to avoid getting wet, we won’t begrudge giving the May flowers a head start!

We haven’t figured out yet what kind of offering we’ll be making to the spring spirits, but be sure to keep an eye on our social media platforms for details. We’ll keep you informed if treats are on the menu.

This much we know:

  • River Landing Fire Vessel is the muster point (just south of the Remai Modern Gallery)
  • 2PM will be the departure time (try to arrive at least one minute early)
  • We hope to see you there for a nice, leisurely roll around some pleasant trails

Spring BYXE Week: Coming Soon!

Mark your calendars: May 11 – 19, 2024 will be this year’s Spring BYXE Week! We have a LOT of fun activities and great prizes lined up and waiting for your participation! Watch your email and our social media platforms for details.

The Terry Fox Foundation Ride of Hope 2024

Inspired by his brother Terry, Darrell Fox and a few friends organized the first Terry Fox Ride of Hope in 2015 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope. The one-day 350 km ride culminated at the base of Mount Terry Fox in British Columbia. Today the Ride of Hope is a collection of diverse rides that offer recreational and challenging distances and terrain. All rides include camaraderie, scenic vistas, and wonderful experiences for the rider!

The Horizon 100 Cycling Club is hosting the first Ride of Hope in Saskatoon on July 6, 2024.

They will be offering two rides (100 km & 50 km) on paved roads in the beautiful countryside around Saskatoon. This will be a group ride and all riders need to be a member of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association or another approved provincial association to participate this year. 

Every rider who registers online and begins fundraising by April 1st will be entered into an exciting draw to win the new 10th anniversary Terry Fox Ride of Hope kit (jersey and bibs).

The Terry Fox Foundation is looking for people who might be interested in organizing a recreational Ride of Hope in Saskatoon. Contact Saskatoon Cycles here if you would like more information.

New Board of Directors Spotlight: Brian Sawatzky

As a non-profit, Saskatoon Cycles relies heavily on the efforts of its volunteer board. Our Board of Directors bring a range of perspectives and skill sets to the organization, contributing what they can without pay or very much glory. At our AGM on November 15th, 2024 three people joined our Board. In this edition, we introduce you to Brian Sawatzky.

Q: Why do you ride a bike?

I am a bike commuter. Occasionally I ride for fun and exercise.

Q: Why did you decide to run for the board?

I am now semi retired and have time to help out.

Q: How would you describe cycling in Saskatoon to someone new to the city?

Cycling in Saskatoon can be challenging but if you plan your trip and pay attention it is okay, though not as safe as it should be.

Q: If you could make one change to the cycling experience in Saskatoon overnight, what would it be?

One cost effective change would be to lower some speed limits and require minimum 2 meters distance when passing cyclists.

Q: Do you have any favourite cycling rides or routes in or around Saskatoon?

Full bridges loop is my favorite.

Q: When you’re not cycling, what are your favourite activities?

I play hockey year round and keep informed on climate change issues.

Help Us Build the Numbers

Have we mentioned lately how important it is for city planners and advocates to have robust data to help lay the groundwork for better cycling in Saskatoon? Well, here we go again!

One of the pieces we need help with is the gathering of information that indicates how much cycling is happening and where our bikes are taking us. You can pitch in by sharing your biking routes and experiences through a couple of apps that aggregates this data and keeps it anonymous.

1. Install Strava on your phone and track every ride or walk you take. You only need a free account. And if you already use a tracking app, check to see if it has a Strava integration. There are more than 100 apps that Strava connects with.

Strava anonymizes the data from all users in an area and creates the Strava heatmap. Images from these heatmaps can be a powerful visual to show that there are cyclists and walkers using the streets all over Saskatoon (like this presentation on Circle Drive on Ave C). But we need as many cyclists as possible to be using this system!

2. Bookmark Bikemaps.org and report every time you have a cycling crash, a near-miss, see a cycling hazard, or have your bike stolen. This is NOT instead of calling an ambulance or the police. Absolutely do that first if it’s needed!!

Bikemaps.org is a system that aims to catch as many as possible of the almost 70% of all cycling incidents or near misses that don’t get reported officially.

Get Strava

Find out more about the Strava app at strava.com


Your donations give us the resources to press toward a Saskatoon where cycling is a viable, year-round mode of transportation that is safe, convenient, and comfortable for all ages.

We want your kids and their grandma to simply hop on their bikes to go grab an ice cream and enjoy the beauty of Saskatoon. For you or your partner to pick up groceries or a library book. And we really want you to be able to commute to work and back safely and conveniently.

Your donation helps us work on these three ‘pillars’ of cycling development for Saskatoon:

  • Infrastructure – A safe, convenient, comfortable and well maintained cycling network throughout the city that allows cyclists to go from every neighbourhood to key destinations
  • Ridership – Educate, encourage, and promote cycling so more people choose bicycles as a convenient and safe transportation option year round.
  • Culture – Educate, encourage, and promote diversity in ridership with respectful inclusion of all modes of transportation.

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