Saskatoon Cycles June 2020 Newsletter

#BikeStories: Riding Saskatoon, one street, crescent, and avenue at a time

Joanne Cliff is on a mission. Three days each week, Cliff spends between two and five hours out on her maroon-colored Marin mountain bike, riding up and down Saskatoon’s streets and avenues, and rolling through the city’s crescents and cul de sacs. When she gets home, she pulls out a yellow highlighter pen and marks off the latest neighborhood she’s conquered on a huge map she purchased from the City of Saskatoon back in January. Read the full story

#BikeStories: Lapsed cyclist returns to riding during COVID-19 pandemic

Rachel Fritzler remembers growing up riding bikes around the family farm, to town and back, exploring dirt roads, and zipping around at the lake in the summer with friends. That relationship with two-wheeled fun ended when she moved to Saskatoon at 18. “I didn’t touch my bike because I was very uncomfortable and unfamiliar with biking in the city,” says Fritzler, now a physiotherapist at Royal University Hospital. While her bike came with her to Saskatoon, it sat unused, collecting dust. Eventually, between moves, she lost her old friend. Read the full story

#BikeStories: What’s yours?

What have you been doing on your bike since the start of the pandemic? Are you running more errands by bike now? Commuting to work? Having 2-wheeled adventures with your family? If you have a #BikeStory or know someone who does, send us a note: info@saskatooncycles.ca

Live City Check-In: One-on-one with Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark

Mayor Charlie Clark was interviewed on the website of Canadian Urban Institute on the state of Saskatoon in Covid times. This site is full of informative talks and opportunities to see what is happening across the country. Read/Listen to interview

Taking your bike on the bus?

Taking your bike on Saskatoon Transit is easy. Check out this tutorial on the bus bike rack for some quick tips. Watch video

Plan Local: Street Space

Where do we need to give pedestrians and cyclists extra room to spread out and practice physical distancing? Double click on the map to suggest a location or press ⊕ on the map to find your current location. Go to Street Space Saskatoon

Bike lanes installed on urgent basis across Canada during COVID-19 pandemic (CBC)

Been meaning for years to bicycle to work, as a way to improve your fitness and save money on gas and parking? Now is your chance. Municipal governments across Canada are moving quickly to create clearly marked bicycle lanes in order for people to travel safely through cities. A number of city councils have approved road closures, either partial or complete, as an emergency alternative to public transit. Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Kitchener, Toronto, Montreal and Moncton have all recently extended their cycling networks, according to Vélo Canada Bikes, a national advocacy group for cycling. Read full article

Opinion: Closing roads to make room for pedestrians during COVID-19 should not be controversial (CBC Saskatoon)

It can be difficult being a pedestrian in Saskatchewan’s two largest cities. Both have narrow sidewalks, faded or unlined crosswalks, resistance to slower speed limits, resistance to an increase in space and pedestrian routes that lead to nowhere. Our values are not focused on walking in Saskatoon or Regina. We are stuck in 60-year-old development patterns. COVID-19 provides an opportunity to challenge these patterns and work toward cities that better promote health, safety and the environment. Read full commentary by Alan Wallace

How urban design affects mental health (CBC Sunday Edition)

When he worked as an occupational therapist in community mental health, Robin Mazumder once met with a man in Edmonton who had survived a suicide attempt. When Mazumder asked him what had prompted him to try to end his life, the man replied, “I’m lonely.” As an occupational therapist, a key part of Mazumder’s job was to assess how people’s environments affected their well-being. He suggested they go for a walk in the man’s neighbourhood, to look for places where he might be able to connect with other people. Read full article

Switching Gears bike radio

Tyler Rittinger has a great local program about cycling. Don’t miss Switching Gears Thursday nights at 6:30 pm on CFCR community radio 90.5 FM. (@GearsRadio on Twitter / switchinggearsbikeradio on Instagram)

Friends of Cycling: Bike Doctor and 9 Mile Legacy Brewing

The Bike Doctor and 9 Mile Legacy Brewing are the first two local businesses to become Friends of Cycling. Our Friends of Cycling program recognizes bike-friendly merchants around town. Show them some love by giving them your bike and beer business.

Help support the work of Saskatoon Cycles

Because of the pandemic, we cannot host two of our main fundraisers — the Used Bike Sale and Expo and our Bike Valet service. However, we still have expenses to keep our non-profit volunteer organization intact. If you could help us at this time by donating even just the equivalent of a couple cups of coffees a month, we would really appreciate your support. Find out how you can support our work financially here. To find out how you can donate your time to support our work, send an email message to info@saskatooncycles.ca.

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