Saskatoon Cycles April 2022 Newsletter

BYXE Week and Bike to Work Day

Saskatoon Cycles is very excited to be partnering with the City of Saskatoon to present Spring 2022 BYXE Week from May 16 to 20. The week long event aims to promote and encourage cycling year-round and celebrate those who make cycling a part of their commute.

Get ready to show off your ride, wherever it takes you! We’ll be packing the week with activities and adventure to help remind Saskatoon what a fun, healthy, and practical role cycling plays in our city!

For all the information, check our BYXE Week/Bike to Work Day page.

The “Icebreaker” Slow Roll

On May 14th 2022, please join us for The Icebreaker Slow Roll.

This laid back, relaxing ride is our way of saying “so long” to the winter season and “hello” to new friends and fellow cyclists. It’s not a race, we won’t be on any busy streets, and you hopefully won’t have to bundle up!

The ride will leave the zhongshan ting (pagoda) in Victoria Park at 2PM and travel exclusively along the Meewasin Valley Trail. It will be led by Saskatoon Cycles co-chair Kira Judge, and she promises to keep it slow, safe, and inviting for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

We’d love to have you join us for this ride, but don’t worry if you can’t make it: we’re planning a slow roll every month this summer! Watch our social media for updates.

Wayfinding on Wheels

By Jason Hanson, Saskatoon Cycles Operations Manager

When I asked Paul Suchan over email what inspired him and his family to go without a car for 95% of their travel, I expected to get a few sentences back, like “We like to stay in shape” or “We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint” or “We’re cheap”. These would all be predictable and valid reasons, of course, and they did form part of his response, but what I hadn’t counted on was the depth and breadth of his reply.

Read the full article, click here.

Pedal Poll

Registration for Vélo Canada Bikes’s Pedal Poll for 2022 is now open!

They’re looking for volunteers who will observe cyclists passing by, collecting valuable data on who is biking and where. This information gives us a snapshot of what cycling looks like in Saskatoon (and the country), so we can better address issues of access and safety for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Vélo Canada Bikes will be working with Saskatoon Cycles to identify the important cycling routes here in the city, identify specific locations on those routes, and then create a count schedule for volunteers to cover a full day of counting.

If you want to volunteer, please click here: Volunteer for Pedal Poll 2022

If you want more information on Pedal Poll 2022, please click here: Pedal Poll 2022

Friends of Cycling

We’re very happy to welcome our newest Friend of Cycling, Shelter Brewing Company! This cozy downtown spot offers a variety of beverages, Dylan & Cam’s tacos, and a lovely sidewalk patio. They also offer beer delivery (Fridays), beer to-go, and takeout options. Whenever you stop in, please let them know we appreciate their support of a bike friendly city!

Also, a HUGE shout out to our original three Friends of Cycling: Bike Doctor, 9 Mile Legacy Brewing, and Doug’s Spoke N’ Sport, who all renewed their support of the program since our last newsletter. We’re always excited to have new businesses joining our team, but equally grateful to have established outfits return!

Thanks to every one of our Friends for your continued support, and to our membership for thinking local when you do your shopping.

Bikes & Banter

Remember that (almost!) every Saturday afternoon, Saskatoon Cycles sets up shop somewhere in the city for “Bikes & Banter”, where people can come and go for some visiting while out for a bike ride (or stroll or roll – we’re not an exclusive club!). It’s casual, open to anyone, and a great chance to get some fresh air conversation.

On Saturday, April 30th, we’ll be meeting at Gabriel Dumont Park from 2PM to 4PM, and as an added attraction, Steve Hermanson has offered to do a workshop on changing tires!

Locations and dates for Bikes & Banter are not fixed, so follow us on social media for the most current info.


It’s also always a great time to remind you that our work relies heavily on donations from enthusiastic bike riders who want to see the cycling infrastructure and culture in Saskatoon continue to bloom and grow. Our programs make an important impact on the quality of life in Saskatoon. Please support our efforts with your donations or with your time as a volunteer. 

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