Hot Drinks Outside celebrates SES Solar Co-op’s Solar Panels at Wolf Willow Co-housing

By Kira Judge

Our #HotDrinksOutside weekly meetup is almost three months old and we excited to continue to celebrate our Friends of Cycling. This Friday’s host is Wolf Willow Co-housing at 530 Ave J South (corner of Avenue J S and 17th street). This community synergy is a result of our Friends of Cycling sponsor, Saskatchewan SES Solar Co-op.

The Wolf Willow Co-housing project was completed in 2019. It has 120 solar panels and produces 36 kilowatts of solar energy — enough to power the common area of the apartment complex.

On March 12, 2021 Wolf Willow Co-housing residents Noel Kramer and Murray Gross will be welcoming Hot Drink Outside participants at the common area of the building. Please use the entrance on 17th Street and bring your drinks.

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