Guidance for cycling during COVID-19 pandemic

Up to date as of April 10/2020

Is it okay to ride my bike right now? 

Yes, but be sure to adhere to the physical distancing rules (2-metre separation) set out by Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer. 

If you do ride, be safe out there. Now’s not the time to take a spill and end up in the ER. Let’s let our #HealthCareHeroes focus on pandemic preparation. (Thank you to Instagram follower Kit Loewen for flagging this great point!)

And another reminder, from Chris Anderson, with the Saskatoon Mountain Bike Alliance: Please avoid riding on muddy singletrack trails during the spring thaw as well. The ruts that are left can last well into summer and lead to damage and erosion issues that take a lot of time and effort to mitigate.

Social distancing (Saskatchewan Ministry of Health)

Saskatoon Mountain Bike Alliance

Can I ride with friends?

No, the evidence shows that you should be riding solo (or only with members of your own household)

Belgian-Dutch Study: Why in times of COVID-19 you can not walk/run/bike close to each other (Source: Medium)

Seriously, stop group riding: As cyclists continue to disregard recommendations, they are putting themselves and others at risk (Canadian Cycling Magazine)

Should I Wear a Mask While Riding?: The most important thing is still to ride alone on routes where you can practice safe physical distancing (Bicycling)

Where can I ride?

The City of Saskatoon is regularly updating its listing of roadway/path changes and closures.

Long Weekend Road Report, April 10-13, 2020 (City of Saskatoon)

The Meewasin Valley Authority is committed to measures to slow the progress and flatten the curve of infections for COVID-19. Many parts of the Meewasin Trail remain open. Please follow the physical distancing guidelines below to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Trail Guidelines (MVA)

Has Saskatoon reallocated any road space to support physical distancing?

Not yet, but we’re hoping they will follow the lead of many other centres — including Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Emergency Lanes for Distancing and Deliveries – Make Essential Walking, Cycling and Rolling Safe (

Where can I get my bike fixed, pick up accessories, or buy a new bike?

While Saskatoon’s independent bike shops have closed their physical storefronts, they have come up with innovative ways to meet your needs during the pandemic. Check their websites and social feeds, or just pick up the phone.

Bike Doctor

Bike Universe

Doug’s Spoke N’ Sport

Bruce’s Cycle Works


Image Source: Tourism Saskatchewan/Brayden Elliott

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