Bike Boulevards and other devices used in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver has an excellent system of Bike Boulevards; which they call “Bikeways.” Here is a great article by Matthew Blackett with pictures and descriptions of some Bike Boulevard features.

Article and photos taken from Spacing Toronto

VANCOUVER — Riding my bike through Vancouver has made me aware of some of the traffic calming features the city has added. Bulges are used often to slow vehicle traffic on neighbourhood roads, but it was the added touch of cut-throughs and paved lanes that allow cycling traffic to maintain its speed and flow that caught my attention. These occured on the shared road where bikes and cars seem to have equal status (Click on smaller photos to enlarge).

Another fantastic feature that Vancouver has recently initiated is the closing of the short end of city blocks. These closings occur repeatedly along the same street and create a small but attractive greenway. In the examples shown (above, right, and below), the former street has been narrowed significantly and an interlocked-brick path has been built for pedestrians and cyclists. But the city has gone beyond the functional aspect of traffic calming by creating parks and gardens along these paths. This is a classic example of placemaking: by turning a place that was once used almost exclusively for traffic, the city has transformed these spaces into places to stop, rest and appreciate the surrounding greenery. The park also provides local residents with the opportunity to take part in community gardening (these sites have signs encouraging residents to take ownership of the spaces).

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