Action Alert! City Council Meeting

Can we get you to speak up again?

We have a new Action Alert mission ready, should you choose to accept it!

The cycling community has been making steady progress on issues that make Saskatoon safer and more welcoming for all road users. 

In April, council voted almost unanimously to accept the recommendations stemming from a safety audit report on the intersection of College Drive and Wiggins Avenue, and even added an additional measure that was not supported by city administration!

Earlier this month, the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation voted forward two additional projects that we feel are very positive steps, and they now just need approval from council. 

If you haven’t already written a letter or spoken to officials regarding these items, please visit our Action Alert page before 5PM on Monday, May 27, 2024 and make your voice heard. Your individual perspective gets added to many others, and truly helps inform the decisions that get made in chambers.

The deaths of Natasha Fox and Darin Kinniewess last year continue to remind us that there is still much to do. Please consider taking the time to remind our elected officials why they’re there!

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