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A lovely weekend to volunteer at the Bike Valet – with a link that makes sense

Hi everyone,

Yeesh, sometimes when the weather is nice, I rush to get back outside. My apologies for the link to the study in the previous email. This email there’s no bait and switch effort to get you to study! We are just asking you to join us at the Bike Valet at the Children’s Festival.

Hope to see you there! Gord

It has been a beautiful weather week to be at the Bike Valet in support of the Children’s Festival. No more week of rain for them. And that’s great for us parking bikes so families can enjoy the Festival!

You have lots of choices of  volunteer times to help out on Saturday and Sunday.

>> Sign up for weekend Bike Valet shifts!

Come on out and help us park some bikes this weekend at the Children’s Festival. Click here for the signup link. We are located at the corner of 25th st and Kinsmen Ave.

And for anyone like me who has no idea where Kinsmen Avenue is. That’s the street off of 25th that takes you into the YWCA. You learn something new every day!

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