9 Mile Legacy Brewing hosting this week’s Hot Drinks Outside meetup

Long-time Friends of Cycling sponsor, 9 Mile Legacy Brewing, will be our meeting spot for this week’s edition of Hot Drinks Outside tomorrow from 2pm to 4pm

Hot Drinks Outside is our weekly opportunity to meet — in a socially distanced, masked manner in accordance to public health regulations — and to celebrate all that is great in our community. We invite our members and guests to join us.

It is Father’s Day weekend and we encourage you bring your dad with you and buy him a pint of one of 9 Mile’s great craft brews. They’re our first Friends of Cycling sponsor and they are reserving two tables for Saskatoon Cycles members and guests. Cheers!

We continue to add new Friends of Cycling sponsor. We are happy to celebrate our new friend Nag Arajan and his zero plastic business Bulk Basket. His is one of the many new businesses in Riversdale. Check out this 2018 StarPhoenix story about Naj and his shop.

We have been going to Nag’s store for a few years now — for a whole host of reasons…

  • It feel so good reducing plastic use from shampoo, cooking oil, liquid soap, powder for dish washer and washing machine and more.
  • He carries a wide range of fresh, local & organic dried fruits
  • We’ve found tasty new snacks we’d never tried before
  • Naj provides great explanations about all the snacks they carry
  • We can buy various grains, lentils and numerous types of pastas with no packaging and in as small of quantities as you want
  • Naj’s mangoes are the best — be sure to get on his mango list
  • Bulk Basket carries amazing free run brown eggs – best in the community
  • He sells fresh juices on-site with no added preservatives or water

Another local business that recently join our Friends of Cycling program is The Better Good on Broadway Ave. They don’t need any introduction as the store has been part of our #yxe community for many years. I love going there to buy our high-quality cotton sheets, and to learn about brands that are doing all they can to protect the environment and support communities. Stay tuned: The Better Good will be hosting a Saturday meetup sometime soon.

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