Benefits for Business

Fuel prices and environmental impact are concerns for businesses thinking about the viability of last mile delivery services.

  • Idling and traffic make short haul trips wasteful and expensive.
  • Substituting bicycles for cars is an economic move for small businesses. Vendors can also reap the benefits of being one of our certified sustainable delivery stores.
  • Online shopping is the biggest trend in retail right now, but conscious consumers also want to shop local and environmentally.

ZenZED provides a way to address all three of these needs simultaneously. 

ZenZED (Zen Zero Emission Delivery) is a bicycle delivery service for local stores. We focus on small non-perishable items that can fit in a backpack. Our cyclists will be delivering to residences within Circle Drive.

  • WHO: ZenZED is Saskatoon’s premier bicycle courier.
  • WHY: We want to prove that sustainable delivery practices are viable in Saskatoon, and support Saskatoon Cycles along the way.
  • WHAT: Backpack sized non-perishable items from exceptional local vendors
  • WHERE: We deliver to addresses inside Circle Drive

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