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When do you ride your bike?

Winter, Summer, Often!

Tell us about your bike!

RSD Big Chief 29+ 2016. Riding the 29+ wheels are great fun on the local “mtb trails” along the river in Saskatoon. Air them down in the winter and those 3″ wide tires are great fun. Rear wheel is a Tairin XC Adventure 32mm internal width. Great upgrade from the 50mm mulefut.

What’s your favourite route to ride in Saskatoon?

Any of the “MTB” trails along the river in Saskatoon.

What single change would improve your Saskatoon cycling experience most?

Better signage to promote and protect the trails from damage when they are vulnerable (after the spring melt, big rains), don’t make “alternate” routes, stick to the trails, even if they are hard. Don’t modify or add obstacles, some are meant to be hard, and be the gatekeeper (a taste of the difficulty of the reat of the trail). Go through the wet spots, not around. Be courteous, uphill rider has right of way, ring your bell on blind sections of trail. Join your local bike clubs, and help with trail cleanup and maintenance events.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen or experienced while you were cycling?

Being t-boned on my bike by a car in front of police officers, when I had a green light .

What’s your favourite activity when you’re not cycling?