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When do you ride your bike?

Winter, summer, and often.

Tell us about your bike!

I have a Radcity 3 Ebike, with a rear rack to hold my things when I commute (10k) everyday. I think it would be too far for me on a non Ebike, but not a problem for me this way.

What’s your favourite route to ride in Saskatoon?

My commute from Kensington to Spadina.

What single change would improve your Saskatoon cycling experience most?

For commuting, fixing the rail crossings next to 11th. They are extremely rough and the barriers on the multi use path are not spaced wide enough to take a bike through. So you end up leaving the path and riding through mud between the path and road. In the winter the snow is cleared very poorly here as the plow also can not go through the barriers. For just going for a ride, continuing the 23rd st separated bike lanes west to avenue C where the Blairmore bikeway starts. There’s lots of room to do it and that section can be scary.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen or experienced while you were cycling?

The amount of cyclists who will ride on a road with cars when they are next to a multi use path. I know a lot of the time the road is smoother and faster but you’re braver than me. I don’t trust 2 ton steel boxes to play nice.

What’s your favourite activity when you’re not cycling?