BYXE Week 2023 – February 13 – 20

The City of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Cycles are partnering to present Winter 2023 BYXE Week from February 13 – 20. The week long event aims to promote and encourage cycling year-round and celebrate those who make cycling a part of their commute.

Cycling is a convenient and low-cost form of everyday transportation that improves:

  • our city, by decreasing traffic congestion, noise, and air pollution,
  • our physical and mental health with regular exercise that leaves us feeling refreshed, energized and alert,
  • our communities, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making transportation more accessible, and giving us all choices in how we navigate our city for recreation, errands, and work.

BYXE Week helps remind people how fun and beneficial getting on your bike can be, by packing the week full of adventure, fun, and community.

If you’re new to winter cycling and have questions, check out our Winter cycling tips video on YouTube. If you still have questions after, contact us!

Feb 11 – BYXE Ice Cycle Slow Roll

Start the Winter BYXE right with a Slow Roll.

We’ll gather near the River Landing Fire Vessel just below the Remai Gallery. The ride will start at 2pm and we’ll head south along the Meewasin Trail, cross at the Gordie Howe bridge, and follow the Meewasin through Gabriel Dumont and finish at 650 Broadway Avenue to check out the Prairie Sun Brewery Winter Fest. (All ages, 2PM – 10PM, regular menu prices apply)

Feb 13 – 20 – BYXE Week Social Media Contest

It’s not all about the swag, but…

Riding a bike is a transportation choice that makes us and our community healthier, happier, and more accessible. If those reasons weren’t enough, cycling during BYXE Week can also make you… swaggier?

That’s right! We’ll be drawing for prizes at the end of the week, so participate as much as you can with social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Just make sure that your posts have the hashtag #BYXE.

Feb 16 – Bike to Work Day

During BYXE Week, one day is selected as Bike to Work Day, when local businesses and organizations host commuter stations located throughout the city and distribute free breakfast, coffee, and other breakfast-type treats to people that arrive by bike. Some stations host games, trivia, have giveaways and general camaraderie, all of which are designed to give your trip to work an extra dose of fun and engagement.

Post a photo of you and your bike at any station with the hashtag #BYXE for an entry in the draw.

This year’s Bike to Work Day is Thursday, February 16, from 7AM – 9AM (for morning stations) and from 4PM – 9PM (for after work stations – see below).

Morning stations

After work stations

Scavenger Hunt

You and your family/ friends/ team can enjoy exploring the city by bike with our week-long scavenger hunt. Download the scavenger hunt card and get on your bike and check off as many items as you can. With every successful discovery, post a picture of you (or you and your family/ friends/ team) with the card, hashtag it #BYXE (so we can find it for the prize draws) and we’ll enter you into the draw.

The new QR Tour

This winter, try our new techie challenge that’ll get you and your fellow riders checking out great paths and sights around the city. Rip around the city and scan QR codes to unlock new challenges:

First, download the QR Cycle Tour answers sheet.

Then, decide if you are going to Tour the Full Cycle, Half Cycle, or Family Cycle. The Full Cycle has 8 stops, Half Cycle is 4 stops, and the Family Cycle is 2 stops. (If you do the Half or Family Cycle you can do any of the stops that work best for you and don’t have to be in order on the Tour map.)

Next, go to the first stop on your tour and find the QR code sign. Using your phone’s camera, go to the web form and answer:

  • Which tour are you doing
  • How hard was the trip to the Tour stop
  • Submit the form

When you submit the form you’ll get a page with a cycle word on it to be used on the QR Cycle Tour answer sheet. The words are specific to which tour you are doing; Full, Half or Family. Make sure to record that word, a screen shot is the simplest way to do that, so you have it for the answer sheet.

Once you’ve gone to as many Tour Stops as you need to complete your Tour, fill in the QR Cycle Tour answers sheet and email it to to be entered for prizes!

Decorated Bikes

We’ll have these very pretty bikes scattered throughout the city during BYXE Week, and if you can get to them and post a photo of yourself and/or others with the hashtag #BYXE, we’ll give you an entry for that too.

*Please note* we do NOT recommend trying to ride these exquisite pieces of art; they are designed for looks, not function!

This map shows the locations of the decorated bikes. The bikes will be in these locations on Feb 12.

Public Art locations to visit on your bike

The art is located all over the city and in almost every neighborhood. Click on the image to go to the interactive map and see which of the 62 art installations is close to you.

Saskatoon Transit’s Bike & Bus

If you’re commuting to work by bike, but the distance is too great to cycle the entire way, consider taking Saskatoon Transit’s Bike & Bus part of the way. Plan your trip using the Transit app and Google Transit. All buses are equipped with front bike racks that are free and easy to use. The bike racks accommodate tires up to 2 inches wide.

Prize Donor Appreciation

We’d like to acknowledge and send big hugs out to our prize donors for Winter BYXE Week 2023:

BYXE Week 2023