Interested in being the Bike Valet Coordinator this summer?

Apply to be the new bike valet coordinator

Here is what the contract entails:

  • Set-up and take down of Bike Valet before and after events
  • Coordinating volunteers with recruitment support by Saskatoon Cycles
  • Overseeing volunteers and Bike Valet operations during events
  • Managing relations with event coordinators

Please also note:

  • Ideal candidate will have a vehicle that can haul a supplied 10 ft trailer (with experience hauling and backing up)
  • Pay is calculated as a % of the fees charged to events for Bike Valet services. Estimated pay is between $5,000-$7,000
  • Coordinator will be contracted by Saskatoon Cycles, and is not an employee of the organization

To Apply:

Send a resume and cover letter to

Please include 2 references.

Application deadline is April 12 at noon.

Interviews will take place between April 15 and 17.


The Bike Valet is operated on a fee for service basis. For more information regarding available dates and fees, please contact the Bike Valet Coordinator via email –

The Bike Valet adds great value to any event!

Click on the items below to learn more!

  • Increased attendance when the Bike Valet is promoted in the event advertising. The Bike Valet is anticipated and appreciated by non-motorized transportation users who often plan their attendance around the valet availability.
  • Bike Valet graphics to use in your promotions.
  • The Bike Valet is a turnkey operation. Just book the Bike Valet and all the work (setup, operation and take down) is done by Saskatoon Cycles.
  • Reduces event staff needed to direct traffic. Reduced traffic congestion.
  • Free promotion of your event to Saskatoon Cycle members.
  • Convenient & free parking at the gate of your event. Attendees will not have to walk from a far off parking.
  • Organizers receive an After Event Report with relevant information such as number of cycles parked, comments, input etc.
  • Reduce bottlenecks & congestion on paths  in the event area by giving security workers a location to direct cyclists, long boarders etc.
  • Further reduce parking pressure by encouraging staff/volunteers to cycle. Unclaimed bikes can be delivered to the worker/volunteer if they are not able to pick it up before the Bike Valet closing time.
  • Offers a safe, secure and tidy place for bikes and accessories to be left.
  • Accepts all electric assisted or human powered transportation as well as bicycles. Trailers, skates, jogging strollers, etc. are all welcome.
  • Encourages immense health benefits from cycling.
  • actually recommends biking to a marathon as a warm up and cool down.
  • Provides cycle repair supplies for minor repairs.


  • Builds Saskatoon as a bike friendly city.
  • Creates a “greener” city and reduces our carbon foot print.
  • Increases health and reduces stress.
  • Greater sociability, greater communication
  • Less wear and tear on our streets
  • Reduced vehicle pollution and traffic congestion
  • Increased volunteerism

In 2014, the Bike Valet was at over 20 events with over 7,000 non-motorized items parked. The Bike Valet is part of Saskatoon Cycles effort to promote active transportation safety, awareness and road sharing courtesy. The stakeholder, in all ways, is the community.

We are deeply appreciative of our major sponsors!

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Support the Bike Valet

Saskatoon Cycles needs to purchase new (and better!) racks to keep the Bike Valet going!
Last year we parked over 7,500 bikes and we look forward to parking more and more every year.

But we can’t do it without your help!

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If you would like to have the Bike Valet at your event, here are some docs to help promote the free bike valet service to your guests!


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Below is a map of Bike Valet locations thought the 2015. Check back soon for updates on what events you can find the Bike Valet.